The Magic Ingredient in Reading: YOU.

What helps kids become dedicated readers? What are kids looking for in books that they like to read? Why do some kids naturally spend lots of time reading, while others struggle? Most of all, what is the magic ingredient that will set YOUR child up for reading success and enjoyment?

Some intriguing answers to these questions can be found in a 2014 "Kids & Families Reading Report" from Scholastic and YouGov, which surveyed U.S. children's reading habits, attitudes, and frequency.

We'll be presenting some of the results in the next few months in Kids Read, but for now, let's focus on the "magic ingredient" for children and reading: YOU.

Parents, caregivers, and educators who communicate the importance of reading to children - and demonstrate the daily pleasures of reading - are crucial in helping young people become frequent readers.

Key elements to frequent reading in children include...

  • Adults who communicate to children that reading is fun
  • Parents who are themselves frequent readers
  • Support of children in choosing what to read

In other words...

  1. Talk about reading as a pleasurable activity. When your child is looking for something to do, be sure to include reading that new book about snakes or the latest Clementine adventure as suggestions.
  2. Think of yourself as a reader and find books that YOU enjoy reading. Make sure yours kids see you reading often, and talk about what you're reading!
  3. Plan frequent trips to the library - and help your child choose books he or she will like to read. (Librarians love helping with this, too!)


Reading is a functional growth and food for cHildreth imagination imaginations and also a tool for their journeys they take in "Life"

I David Banks do believe if we as parents should listen to what are " Children are trying to ask or explain. We as " Parents tend to over look important questions are children are asking .

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