Want to plant a vegetable garden? The library now has a seed library to help you get started!

With the TCCL Seed Library, you can borrow seeds from a large variety of vegetables (and a few fruits and flowers as well) to take home and plant in your garden. Since, hopefully, the seeds will become plants, we don't expect you to bring those exact same seeds back. However, once the plant produces, you simply take a small portion of the vegetables, fruits, or flower, harvest the seeds and dry them, then return those to the library for other people to use.

You can learn more about this exciting new service on our TCCL Seed Library reference guide, found on our Research and Learn page, or by doing a title search for TCCL Seed Library in our catalog. This guide includes basic info on using the seed collection, a list of the available seeds ranked by ease/difficulty of collecting useable seeds, and links to gardening books and other resources.

The TCCL Seed Library is currently housed at two Tulsa library branches, Suburban Acres and Glenpool.


Hi Allison,

We would love it if you had some extra seeds you could donate to our library. On the guide linked above, there is a section on Seed Saving and Care, which has some tips on harvesting seeds to be used later. Then, on the main page of the Seed Library Guide, there are some instructions for submitting seeds to the library in the "Returns and Donations" section. Thank you for your support!


I'm very excited about this! How can we donate seeds that don't fit in quite right for our garden?

I appreciate the seed library. Gardening is very important to me and my family.

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