I Own A Small Business And Need To Do Some Market Research, But We Don't Have The Time Or The Staff To Do It Effectively Ourselves. Can The Library Help Me With This Type Of Research?

Yes we can, with a service called Research Wizard. Research Wizard is a specialized fee-based service that can help companies with in-depth research needs, such as market researchindustry analysisinformation on competitors, and more. This service is part of the library's Research Center, and is located on the 3rd floor of the Central Library. You can go to their webpage to learn more about the services they provide, the fees for their research, and how to place an order.


Hello Jan,

You can learn more about the services provided by Research Wizard on their website. You can also contact them directly at 918-549-7431 or wizard@tulsalibrary.org to discuss setting up an appointment.

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I learned in a seminar that I could an appointment for one free hour to learn how to use this service. If this is the case, please send info on how to do this.

Thank you!
Jan Ruyle

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