Celebrating The Olympics: Jim Thorpe In Six Quotes

Here are some of the Jim Thorpe quotes found in Kate Buford's Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe.

1. "I went to play baseball in North Carolina for a couple of summers and paid for it the rest of my life."

2. "How could anyone get hurt playing football?" 

3. "Thrills were mostly hard work for me." 

4. "[T]he college game...brings out that something which is lacking in the pro game--I guess you could call it spirit. The college player...will willingly sacrifice his leg to gain the necessary yards that spell victory for his team. That's spirit. The professional gridder will play it safe, because he wants to be in condition to earn more money in his next game. That's business."

5. "Son, never take your eyes of the wingback."

6. "Heartache does something to a man...many of the things I did would have been done differently...but I didn't know what I know now. No one ever told me...no one ever guided me...I just did things form day to day...hour to hour...Sometimes I didn't know I was doing them."


I want to check the accuracy of the following quote attributed to Jim Thorpe:
"They just keep coming. But that's what keeps me going."
Thank you.

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