The Heat is On

It's July in Oklahoma, which means it's HOT. And HOT can be dangerous. Here are a few things to keep in mind during these dog days of summer.

The hot temperatures and lack of significant rain resulted in our County Commissioners deciding Monday to extend the county burn ban. A burn ban is what is sounds like, a complete ban on open fires or flames. Excpetions are made for outdoor grilling with electric or gas grills where the grilling is done over gravel, concrete or another non-flammable surface (quite the disappointment for this self-proclaimed grill master and Hasty Bake owner). The County Commissioners are reevaluating the ban on a week by week basis, meaning there is a slim hope the summer bar-b-que could be lit again.

Heat can kill, so do what you can to protect yourself, loved ones, neighbors and pets from becoming overheated. The best way to protect yourself is to stay hydrated and cool. offers tips to avoid heat exhaustion:

The Tulsa Weather Coalition offers air conditioners to households that meet medical or income criteria. To learn if you qualify contact 2-1-1. Or, if you'd like to help, Community Service Council is accepting monetary donations for the purchase of air conditioners.

For those without adequate air conditioning, Tulsa County has a number of spots designated as cooling stations. TCCL's Tulsa Organizations and Services database has a listing of area cooling stations. Though Tulsa City-County Libraries are not officially designated as cooling stations, the libraries are cool and offer a wealth of information, culture, and adventures nestled on our shelves.

Do your best to stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer.