Connor's Cove for Kids & Parents

Venue Features

Tulsa area kids get ready to rock!For a map and driving directions, visit Hardesty Regional Library where Connor's Cove is located.

  • Fixed seating for 420
  • Six wheel-chair designated spaces
  • Gently sloping floor and raised stage to allow maximum visibility
  • Surround sound
  • Separate entrance and lobby connecting to the library
  • Rear exit allowing easy exiting to parking

Performances like The Doo-Dads dazzle the eyes and delight the ears!Rules & Guidelines

  • No food or drink – this includes snacks, candy, gum, baby bottles and water.
  • Please turn off your cell phones prior to performances.
  • Bring crying children into the lobby until he or she calms down.
  • No climbing on the stage unless invited by the performer. Trespassers present a danger to themselves and to others.