Death Notice

The Death Notice Index is a database listing the dates of death notices that have appeared in the Tulsa World and Tulsa Tribune. Death notices are posted by the funeral home and contain references to the date of death and the date and location of funeral services. Obituaries are provided and purchased by the family and, though they vary in length, can provide biographical data and information on the survivors of the deceased. Because not every family purchased an obituary, this database, in general, indexes death notices only. The Central Library has both the Tulsa World and Tulsa Tribune on microfilm in the Research Center on the 4th floor. Copies or scans can be made from the microfilm.

The Death Notice Index contains the name of the person and the date the death notice appeared in the newspaper, covering the years 1963-1990 in the Tulsa World and 1964-1990 in the Tulsa Tribune.

Sometimes, the name you are searching is not listed. It may help to try a different spelling of the person's last name. There are many different ways to spell certain names, such as Lewis, Louis, Luis, or Stevens, Stephens, or Elliott, Elliot, Eliott, Eliot. If you are uncertain of the spelling of a last name, put the first few letters of a last name, such as "She", which will bring up names from Shea to Shewmaker.

Occasionally, there are articles about deaths and the death notices do not appear in the newspapers. In those cases, the dates and/or page numbers of the articles appear in the index.

For death notices from 1989 to the present, library customers with a valid library card can search the Tulsa World online via a library subscription service either at their neighborhood library or with through their own Internet connection.

For more information on obituaries, death notices, and newspaper articles, please visit the local history subject guide.

Title Newspaper Publication Date Page #
Abel, Lois F Tulsa Tribune 02/06/1990
Abel, Mrs. Lonie Tulsa Tribune 12/06/1978
Abel, Ruby M Tulsa World 01/27/1980
Abell, Oren Tulsa World 01/04/1981
Abels, Lois Mae Tulsa World 05/13/1988 d11
Abels, Lois May Tulsa Tribune 05/12/1988 4d
Abels, Lucille Tulsa Tribune 08/30/1990
Abercrombie, Dorothy Tulsa Tribune 04/02/1990
Abercrombie, Fred Tulsa World 01/15/1962 9-Story
Abercrombie, Gordon G Tulsa Tribune 03/31/1970
Abercrombie, Howard H Tulsa World 07/18/1971
Abercrombie, Hugh G Tulsa World 12/13/1988
Abercrombie, James Tulsa Tribune 11/11/1968
Abercrombie, James Tulsa World 11/12/1968
Abercrombie, Oscar O. Tulsa Tribune 04/08/1966 38
Abercrombie, Pauline Tulsa World 10/20/1971
Abercrombie, Sara E Tulsa World 11/05/1970
Abernathy, Bobbie Tulsa Tribune 03/08/1976
Abernathy, Emma Tulsa World 01/06/1983
Abernathy, Fannie Pearl Tulsa World 07/19/1964 24
Abernathy, Iola Tulsa Tribune 07/20/1971
Abernathy, Jane Tulsa Tribune 12/13/1972 15
Abernathy, Lubertha Tulsa Tribune 04/25/1969
Abernathy, Margarite Marie Tulsa World 05/29/1984
Abernathy, Marshall Tulsa Tribune 08/04/1983
Abernathy, Maurice Tulsa Tribune 02/21/1976
Abernathy, Mollie Tulsa World 04/19/1977
Abernathy, Mr. Thomas O. Tulsa World 11/26/1966
Abernathy, Mr. Thomas O. Tulsa World 11/24/1966
Abernathy, Myrtle J. Tulsa Tribune 12/14/1972 22A
Abernathy, Ruby Loraine Tulsa World 08/08/1964 7
Abernathy, Stanislaus (Sister) Tulsa World 12/04/1980
Abernathy, Sue Tulsa Tribune 04/18/1972
Abernathy, Thomas O Tulsa World 11/26/1966
Abernathy, Thomas O. Tulsa Tribune 11/26/1966
Abernathy, Tyronne Vernon Tulsa Tribune 12/09/1978
Abernathy, Van Tulsa Tribune 04/30/1986
Abernathy, Walter R Tulsa Tribune 01/23/1979
Abernathy, William Tulsa Tribune 08/16/1982
Abernethy, Charles Royce Tulsa World 11/30/1990
Abernethy, Mignon Schell Tulsa World 11/30/1977
Aberson, Max Charles Tulsa Tribune 07/21/1988
Abila, Richard Michael Tulsa World 06/14/1975
Ablan, Jackie Tulsa World 09/27/1963 35
Able, Arthur W Tulsa World 02/01/1983
Able, Jim Tulsa Tribune 06/20/1979
Ableson, Gina Marie Benzel Tulsa World 01/31/1983
Abmeyer, Kenneth Ronald Tulsa Tribune 06/01/1967
Abney, Avolyn Tulsa World 07/11/1985
Abraham, Alvin Tulsa Tribune 04/28/1979