English Language Learning

Approximately half of the 250 adult learners in our literacy program are English language learners.  Spanish is the native language of about 60% of our English language learners.  However, our students come from all over the globe, including Syria, Taiwan, India, Israel, Korea and Germany.  All English language learners come with the same goal: to be able to understand and fluently speak English.

Small group learning opportunities for English language learners

Conversation Circles – a fun and friendly class designed to help students practice their English speaking and listening skills; scheduled periodically – check with the Literacy office for more details. 

Student Book Club – meets monthly; a chance to meet with other students in the program and read and discuss fun books.

Tutor Support

We offer ESL tutors personalized support and help with materials selection for their tutoring sessions.  We also provide continuing education workshops on various techniques and strategies for English language instruction. 

For more information contact the Literacy Office at 918.549.7400 or by email.