According to urban legends, where are some haunted locations in the Tulsa area?

The Tulsa World has listed these places in the Tulsa area as spooky places to visit during the Halloween season. These include: The Silver Dollar Cafe, Crybaby Bridge, Gravity Hill, Center of the Universe, The Hanging Tree, The Brady Theater, The Tower of Darkness, Sparky's Graveyard (Postoak Cemetery), the Old North Road Brick Factory, Thomas Gilcrease Home, Cain's Ballroom, the Tulsa Garden Center, Jason's Deli at 15th Street, the Tulsa Little Theater, and The Hex House.
Additional sites include: Philbrook Museum, the Spotlight Theatre, the Old Central High School, and Will Rogers High School.
For additional information, see the "Hex House" vertical file in the Research Center workroom of the Central Library.

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