Fast Facts

At, log into My Account using your username or barcode and password.  If you have never logged in, please see How Do I register for the catalog?

Once logged in, click on the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the page and select My Settings.  Under Account Information, select Email Address.  If your current email address is present in the email address box, then the library has your email on file.  If the email address box is blank, type in your email, and click Save Changes.

 Average delivery time is a couple of days.

The link within the notification email will stay active for 30 days.  Within the 30 days, you will be able to access the article electronically, save it to a storage device and print it.

  1. Identify an article that you want to request.  Record as much information as possible about the article, including article title, journal title, date of publication, page numbers, ISSN.
  2. Click the ArticleReach Direct Request Form link found on the Borrow from Outside TCCL webpage.
  3. On the next screen, enter your first and last name, and your complete library card number, click Submit.
  4. Fill out the article request form with all available information about the article and click Submit.  (Requests with minimal information may not be filled.)
  5. You will be notified by email when the article is available.  A link within the email will provide access to the article.  If no library can fill the request, you will be notified by email that the request was cancelled and a reason will be included in the message.

ArticleReach Direct is an international consortium of academic and public libraries.  Members have created a combined catalog of their journal collections.  Tulsa City-County Library card holders may request articles from other member libraries by requesting them online with the ArticleReach Direct Request Form.  You will be notified by email when the article is available; you must have an email address on file with the library to use this service.

If you are ready to fully engage the library’s quick and easy self-service options, this guide is a great aid. Follow the link to learn how to check in, check out & renew items, access your account information and pay fines/fees at our new self-service stations.

Wireless printing

Print virtually any document or web page from your Internet-connected device to one of our library printers. You can even send jobs from home! Black & White printing is $.10 per page and Color Printing is $.25 per page.

To print wirelessly from a PC or Mac:

  1. Visit our print site
  2. Select BW or Color printer
  3. Enter a name or library card number in the box labeled "User Info" (You must use a library card to pay using your library print account.)
  4. Select the file or URL you wish to print
  5. Click the forward button Forward
  6. Click the green printer button to approve the print jobPrinter icon
  7. Visit a print release station at any location within 24 hours to print your jobs

To print wirelessly from your mobile device

  1. Visit to install the PrinterOn app for iOS or Android
  2. For instructions for your device, visit

WifiYou may use the library's wireless network on your device at any branch location.

In order to use the library's wireless network:
  1. You must have a laptop/notebook computer, smartphone, tablet or internet capable device with a wireless network card which has been properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have a Mac, you can use this service with an installed AirPort card or other 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac) compatible wireless card and software.
  2. Configuration settings should match these values:
    • Network Name, or SSID = library-ap or TCCL-PUBLIC
    • Network Mode = infrastructure
    • WEP = disabled
    • IP or Network Settings = DHCP enabled, or obtain an IP address automatically
    • DNS = obtain DNS address automatically
    • Gateway = no default gateway (your card should detect it automatically)
  3. Save any modified settings and restart your device as required.
  4. To connect, open your “Wireless Network Connection” by clicking the icon in the system tray.
  5. Choose “View Wireless Networks.”
  6. You should see an entry for library-ap or TCCL-PUBLIC. (If you do not see it, click on “Refresh.”)
  7. Select it and click the “Connect” button.

[Note: Although you may see other entries, only library-ap or TCCL-PUBLIC is being provided by the library and is the only one you are authorized to access. Connection to wireless networks for which you are not authorized may be subject to legal action.]

You now have a live Internet connection. Open your browser; you will be directed to a page with our wireless policy by which we expect users to abide while using our connection. From there, you may surf to other web sites.

Once you leave the library and are out of range of our wi-fi, you will automatically be disconnected from our network. If you prefer, when you are finished using the access, you can return to your “Wireless Network Connection” dialog box and click on “Disconnect.”

You may also print while using the library's wireless internet.


Mobius is a regional group of libraries that share materials.  Each library in Mobius loans their materials to each other for customer use.  Tulsa City County Library card holders can borrow materials from MOBIUS member libraries, providing ready access to materials that would often not be available in a public library.

  1. Search for the title. If Tulsa City County owns the title, you should place a hold on that title. If the Library does not have the title you want, click the "Search MOBIUS" button. The catalog will automatically re-send your search to the MOBIUS catalog. The next screen you see will be a search results screen from MOBIUS.
  2. If you locate the title you want in the MOBIUS catalog, click on the title to go to the full record. If MOBIUS does not have the title you want, click on the Prospector link to continue your search.
  3. To place a hold on the title, click the "REQUEST THIS ITEM" link located beneath the author, title and publisher information.
  4. In the "With which institution are you affiliated?" box, choose "TCCL".
  5. On the next screen, enter your first or last name, your complete library card number, and the branch where you want to pick up the title.
  6. If more than one copy of the title is available, you may be asked to choose which copy you want to request. Click to select the radio button to the left of the title, and then click the "Request Selected Item" button.
  7. You will receive a confirmation that your request was successful.
  8. You can view titles you have placed on hold by going to My Account at