When will the time capsule car that was buried for Tulsa's Centennial 1998 be dug up?

In celebration of Tulsa's Centennial 1998 (Tulsa was incorporated on January 18, 1898), a time capsule was buried on January 17, 1998 in Centennial Park, located at 1028 E. Sixth Street (Sixth and Peoria). Stored in a vault above the ground, the purple, Chrysler Prowler was enclosed in a seamless plastic "box," specially made manufactured here in Tulsa for the time capsule. Officials drained the oil and other fluids, replacing them with synthetics that won't degrade, officials said. And the vault itself was filled with an inert gas to keep the exterior in good shape.

What are some facts about "The American" - the proposed monument to be built in the Tulsa area?

Shan Gray, an Edmond artist and youngest son of an Osage father and European-mix mother, is the designer of the proposed 21-story sculpture, called "The American".
The 217 foot monument made out of 350,000 pounds of bronze will sit on a four-story, limestone-concrete base, bringing the height to 21 stories that will be built to withstand an F3 tornado. At one time, the proposed site for the monument was Holmes Peak.  According to a KOTV report (4/17/12), the city of Sand Springs is interested in working with Gray. 

What is the average daily temperature in Tulsa?

The coldest month in Tulsa is January, with an average daily high of 46 degrees and a low of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month is July or August with an average daily high of 94 degrees and a low of 71 degrees Fahrenheit.
More information such as sunrise and sunset tables, daily temperatures (F6 link), rain fall, snow fall, and wind speeds for Tulsa can also be found at the National Weather Service - Tulsa web site.

Source: National Weather Service web site

Where can I find information on starting, financing and running a small business in Oklahoma?

Information specific to Oklahoma businesses can be obtained from the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, the Oklahoma Secretary of State (for business registration forms), the Oklahoma Tax Commission (for business tax forms), and the Oklahoma District Office for the Small Business Administration. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce also has state information on their site under Business services.