Local Publications Index

The Local Publications Index provides a searchable online index to older Tulsa area publications housed at the Central Library. The publications are not available for check out nor can they be sent to a branch library, but photocopies can be made and routed to a customer's branch library.

The Local Publication Index includes older publications from the Tulsa and Oklahoma area that are no longer published and only issues that are available at the library.

The articles and photographs in these publications cover a wide range of subjects, including Armon H. Bost, the Junior Baseball League, Union Depot, Hyechka Club, the Park-O-Meter, and W. G. Skelly.

The following publications have been entered into the database:

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Subject Publication Date Page # Image Page
51st and Lewis By-Pass Opening Tulsa Spirit November 1955 1
51st Street bridge Tulsa Spirit September 1951 2
51st Street bridge Tulsa Spirit February 1953 1 1
51st street bypass Tulsa Spirit December 1953 6
54th & Peoria Gusher October 1964 3
55 Chambers asked to support National Tractor Event Tulsa Spirit May 1956 4
583-HELP Tulsa Home & Garden December 1980 81-82
5th Street opening Tulsa Spirit July 1954 2
66 Drive-In Theater Magazine Tulsa January 1948 30
686 New Families make homes in Tulsa Tulsa Spirit April 1956 2
7 Tulsans to attend US Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting Tulsa Spirit April 1956 4
700 Chamber Members attend Tulsa Schools for Education-Business Day (photos at the schools included) Tulsa Spirit May 1956 4 4
7th Annual S&W Purchasing Conference Tulsa Spirit January 1954 11
7th Magic Empire Buyers Market Tulsa Spirit November 1957 4
8-acre brick pit property Tulsa Spirit April 1954 4
8125th Air Base Squadron Tulsa Spirit January 1952 3
86th infantry division, Black Hawk division Tulsa Spirit August 1945 9
86th infantry division, Black Hawk division Tulsa Spirit August 1945 1
8th Annual Business-Education Day Tulsa Spirit October 1957 1
8th Annual Education-Business Day Tulsa Spirit April 1958 1
9 Committees and Chairman named of Phases of Tractor Contest Tulsa Spirit January 1956 3
9000 visitors expected in April for Tulsa Meetings Tulsa Spirit March 1956 2
A and B Commercial Finishing Co. Tulsa Spirit November 1950 3
A Dead Lover Speaks The American Indian February 1929 11
A handbook for Teachers New to Tulsa Public Schools Tulsa School Review September 1949 1
A Lullaby for Christmas The American Indian December 1929 5
A National Anthem by a Native American The American Indian June 1929 5
A Pioneer Tragedy The American Indian January 1929 5
A Prayer The American Indian December 1929 5
A Religious Chant The American Indian February 1929 11
A Romance of the Hills The American Indian July 1929 5
A Secret The American Indian September/October 1930 5
A Song The American Indian December 1928 8
A Tribute The American Indian December 1929 5
A True Warrior The American Indian September 1927 5
A Universal God The American Indian December 1928 5
A Vanishing Race The American Indian January 1930 5
A Winter Tree The American Indian July 1930 5
A Woman's Song The American Indian May 1927 5
A. B. C. Manufacturing and Machine Works (Tulsa Fine Machine Works) Tulsa Spirit October 1930 16
Aaronson, Alfred E. Tulsa Spirit February 1955 4
Abbey, Harry J. Tulsa School Review October 1950 4
Abbott, John The American Indian May 1930 Cover
Abbott, Patt Tulsa Magazine October 1950 60
Abbott, William Tulsa Spirit May 1952 4
Abeita, Pablo The American Indian January 1929 13
Aberdeen-Angus Magazine Tulsa October 1946 32
Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Association Tulsa Spirit February 1945 7
Aberdeen-Angus cattle Sunbeam Sales Tulsa Spirit January 1952 2
Abernathy, John Tulsa Spirit August 1952 4