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Come and join us on the Bookmobile!

We carry a wide variety of the latest materials for all ages, including regular and large print books, audiobooks, music cds and movies - AND IT'S ALL FREE!  All you need is a library card.

You can request items from any Tulsa City-County Library and pick them up at the nearest Bookmobile stop.  You can return items from any Tulsa City-County Library to the Bookmobile. You can return Bookmobile items to any Tulsa City-County Library.  There are no fines charged on the bookmobile. 

The Bookmobile visits more than 40 sites each month, based on a biweekly or monthly schedule.  The Bookmobile also represents the Tulsa City-County Library at community events, across Tulsa County. 

For more information, please contact Outreach Services at outreach.services@tulsalibrary.org or 918.549.7480.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookmobile History

Since 1930, the Tulsa City-County Library has been visiting neighborhoods with its "library on wheels", the bookmobile. Tulsa’s first librarian, Miss Alma McGlenn commissioned a bookmobile — the first one in all of Oklahoma. Pretty soon, the bookmobile was all over Tulsa, going to places where the people were: public parks, shopping centers, schools, and even municipal swimming pools.

By the summer of 1953, four bookmobiles and two trailers were making a total of 20 to 25 stops a week. The summer before, with just two bookmobiles, nearly 40,000 books circulated, with the busiest stop at 21st and Harvard – at that location, readers borrowed 7,490 books during the summer of 1952.

In 1968, the Tulsa City-County Library received a $10,000 grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity to take library services to the “disadvantaged and culturally deprived areas”. The money was used to refurbish a bookmobile so that it featured a full-range stereo system (which librarians used to play “soul music” and other popular records at regular stops), an outside screen for showing 16 mm films, and a “psychedelic” look. There was a contest to name the new bookmobile: "Mod-Mobile" won.

In 1991, the Tulsa City-County Library purchased a new bookmobile. It served the library for 17 years until its replacement arrived, in 2008.  The current bookmobile travels more than 500 miles each month visiting 24 sites across Tulsa County.  

In 2016, the Tulsa City-County Library purchased a new bookmobile, due to the generosity of Ruth K. Nelson.  The 28-foot vehicle, holds 3,000 volumes for all ages.  It serves more than 40 sites each month, covering more than 750 miles across Tulsa County. This mobile library features: 

  • Self-check-out machine for customer usage – 1st bookmobile in the country with such a machine.
  • TV to broadcast info about TCCL (TV can be used inside and outside vehicle.)
  • 2 adjustable height staff workstations with internet accessible laptops.
  • Lift for wheelchair access.
  • Awnings on both sides to provide shade when necessary.
  • Portable stage for presentations and small events.
  • Modular shelving to ensure collection is accessible to patrons depending on their unique needs.
  • Removable carts intended for usage outside the vehicle with a rotating collection of materials that are tailored to the event the vehicle is participating in (for example, gardening books at a farmers’ market event.)
  • Hotspot checkouts for customers.
  • Solar panels and skylights.
  • Wi-fi access for customers.

Can I use the bookmobile and the branch libraries?

Yes.  You are welcome to use the bookmobile and the branch libraries.

What kinds of materials does the bookmobile have on board?

The bookmobile has several thousand items, including regular and large print books, audiobooks, movies and music cds.  If you don't find something you are looking for, you can submit a request for an item at one of the the branches to be sent to the bookmobile for pickup. 

Does the bookmobile have a self-check machine?

Yes. The bookmobile is the first bookmobile in the country with a self-check machine.  Just as you can use a self-machine to check your library materials in and out, you can do the same on the bookmobile's machine.

What ages does the bookmobile serve?

All ages.  Since the bookmobile visits sites for adults, including seniors, and families, it has materials for all ages, including board and large print books.  

Does the bookmobile attend community events?

Yes.  Bookmobile attendance at community events is in addition to a full schedule of regular visits to adult and family communities. Bookmobile availability for community events is limited and requests much be made at least six weeks prior to the event.

The bookmobile attends events for a number of reasons:

  • To promote the library system
  • To promote the bookmobile and other specific library services

There are some considerations that influence our decision:

  • Schedule availability of the vehicle and staff
  • Safe access to and parking at the event 

The library also looks for events that fit in with these purposes:

  • The event provides an opportunity to promote library services to a large group of new or potential library patrons.
  • The event is related to the library's mission.
  • The event is non-commercial.
  • School visits are made for career vehicle days and to reach the entire school or students in a selected program.

These are the types of activities that the bookmobile may carry out, depending on the event, number of staff attending, and the audience:

  • Library card signups
  • Presentations about library programs and services
  • Checking out materials

If you would like to bookmobile to attend your event, contact 918-549-7480 or outreach.services@tulsalibrary.org.


When does the bookmobile visit family sites?

The bookmobile visits family sites in the evenings, according to a biweekly schedule.  Each visit lasts 45 minutes. 

When does the bookmobile visit adult and senior sites?

The bookmobile visits adult, visits senior sites, and makes door-to-door deliveries in the mornings, according to a monthly schedule.  Each bookmobile visit lasts 45 minutes.