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The Tulsa City-County Library provides the ability to securely pay fines and fees on a customer’s library account or donate via credit card. The SmartPay system uses your library card number and password to retrieve details of your current fines and fees, allows you to select the items to pay, and securely charges your credit card.

  • Please do not charge amounts under $2.00.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express are accepted for online payment transactions.
  • The fines and fees will be cleared automatically during the payment process.
  • Clicking the ‘submit’ button multiple times may result in duplicate payments. 
  • A failed transaction may leave a pending charge on your account.  “Pre-authorized” amounts normally clear within 24 hours.

Contact Tulsa City-County Library at (918) 549-7323 for any questions or concerns regarding the SmartPay system.


The price of lost items will be refunded as long as the item is returned in good condition within 12 months of payment.
No refunds are given for any other transactions.


The Tulsa City-County Library is committed to the protection of all Library customers’ rights to privacy in the use of library resources and discloses customer information to the customer only. All library records relating to an individual customer’s use of the library and its resources are confidential. These records may be consulted by library staff and released to the library’s contractors and consultants for use in the course of carrying out library operations, or for conducting surveys and evaluations of the library’s delivery of services, but will not be disclosed to others except upon request or consent of the library user or pursuant to court order., as outlined in the Oklahoma Open Records Act-Title 51, Oklahoma Statutes §§ 24A.1 et seq., and the Oklahoma Library Code-Title 65, Oklahoma Statutes, § 1-105) and library policy.

Additional Information

Third party providers used in the process to pay fines or fees, donate, or otherwise initiate credit/debit card transactions via the library’s website are protected by SSL certification, a protocol for transmitting data securely. The Tulsa City-County Library does not collect or store any personal information, or credit or debit card processing data collected from the SmartPay site.

When you click on the button "Login to SmartPay" you will be leaving the Tulsa City-County Library website and directed to SmartPay, an online resource to pay Library Fines and Fees. Please be aware that policies that apply to the Library and its website may not be the same as the terms of use for other websites. Technical requirements and services are the sole responsibility of SmartPay. By proceeding you agree to accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for the losses and damages that may arise from your use of SmartPay and release the Tulsa City-County Library from all liability.