Underappreciated Author by Amy

Christopher Moore is one of the most underappreciated authors of our time. I first read Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. If the title doesn’t offend you, then I highly recommend you read it!

Learning a Lesson from The Great Gatsby by Amy

Most people believe that librarians have read, and like, all the great classics. Once I was helping a young woman choose an item from a high school generated list. Her choice was whatever was the shortest. Her mother wanted her to choose a really good book. As we went down the list I was questioned about every title. “How long is it?” the student wanted to know. “Will she like it? What’s it about?” asked her mother.

Palin Territory by Amy

By strange coincidence (and what coincidence isn’t strange?) I found myself at the height of Sarah Palin’s publicity reading two different fiction novels set in Alaska.

I realized that I have always been a little fascinated by Alaska, the wintry landscape, the sparseness of population. The reputation as a place that those who walk to a slightly different beat might find a home. Northern Exposure fueled my interest as did my sister’s tales of her 6 month AmeriCorps adventure in the wilderness, which included having to shoot her gun in the air to warn off a bear.

Bonding through Books by Amy

“Mom, I need something new to read”. My heart leapt…could this be it? Could this be the day I’ve waited and hoped for since the day she was born?