On Reading by Biafra Denmark

People always ask me why I like to read so much. It’s like asking me why I like to breathe. It’s something I can’t live without. The first book I ever read was called PUG. I was in the first grade and I remember that my immediate thought was, I wish I’d known how to do this sooner. I haven’t stopped since. Without a book I feel naked. When I have a book in my hand I know I hold someone’s heart, someone’s dreams, and someone’s life. I know someone sat and wrote and gave me their gift. I know someone has allowed their story to be told.

The Power of Books by Cindy Hulsey

A lifelong love of reading was instilled in me when I was a little girl. Maybe it’s because I associated reading with maternal love; I have vague memories of my mother holding me and reading to me, of feeling safe and valued in her arms. Whatever the reason, the magic of books cast its spell on me at an early age. Every time my mother went grocery shopping I begged for a Little Golden Book.

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