City of Tulsa Budget

city of tulsa

Mayor Dewey Bartlett released to the Tulsa City Council his FY 2014 budget.

Access the budget here: https://www.cityoftulsa.org/our-city/financial-reports/2013-14-proposed-budget.aspx

Read Mayor Bartlett's speech here: https://www.cityoftulsa.org/media/317074/fy2014finalbudgetspeech.pdf

Access news reports about the Mayor's new budget: 

Sequestration... it's almost here

U.S. Great Seal

Friday, March 1 is the day sequestration takes effect. Many people are still wondering what is sequestration and what effect will it have. Luckily many news agencies, policy analysts and others have been diligent in making the effects of sequestration apparent. Here is an outline of some of the what and hows.