Herman Koch

An Unpleasant Vacation by Cindy Hulsey

Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch, is a disturbing novel, but one that is perfect for book discussion groups. The book is narrated by Dr. Marc Schlosser, a general practitioner who has a following due to his ability to look as though he is listening to his patients and because of his propensity to liberally dispense opiates.

Slow Burn Books by Rebecca Howard

On the week before Banned Book Week, I’m reluctant to type “burn” and “book” in the same sentence.  However, “slow burn” is probably the best way to describe the pacing and the key appeal of The Silent Wife—a recent psychological thriller by A.S.A. Harrison.  With book jacket blurbs from the likes of Elizabeth George and S.J.

No Delayed gratification Required by Rebecca Howard

I spend a lot of time writing about books that I’ve recently finished.  Many of these titles are newly published, which means that they likely have a long list of holds at the library.  Considering that you might want to check out some titles after reading about them, I thought I’d do an overview of some of my favorite titles that are a little older and less in demand—although no less impressive or enjoyable! All annotations are from NoveList.