Hornby's Boy-Men by Nick

In which we discussed how to irk the roommate, those bothersome boy-men, and a laugh out-loud memoir.

Unrealiable Narrators in the Postmodern Novel by Nick

In which we discussed those tricky unreliable narrators, Galchen’s Atmospheric Disturbances, and masculinity as a flaw in my favorite movies.

Japanese Noir by Nick

In which we discuss; the decidedly American invention of Rock ‘n Roll, the Piano Man vs. the Rocket Man, the curious phenomena of great Japanese writers named ‘Murakami’, and your new favorite ice cream flavor.

Nick vs. a Whale (of a Library)

Nick Vs. A Whale (of a library) In which we discuss a hypocritical National Book Award Board, being quite unabashed about judging books by their covers, and offering encouragement to young writers.