summer reading program

Tulsa City-County Library Announces Return to Previous Paper-Based Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program Survey Results

Despite reduced participation, post-event survey indicates strong appreciation for the program and customers’ desire to continue using library services

Officials with the Tulsa City-County Library intend to restore participation in the Summer Reading Program back to the vibrant numbers for which the program is known.

The 2015 program had 16,013 participants, a 52.7% decline from 33,857 participants in 2014.

The Power of Books by Cindy Hulsey

A lifelong love of reading was instilled in me when I was a little girl. Maybe it’s because I associated reading with maternal love; I have vague memories of my mother holding me and reading to me, of feeling safe and valued in her arms. Whatever the reason, the magic of books cast its spell on me at an early age. Every time my mother went grocery shopping I begged for a Little Golden Book.

Tulsa City-County Library Presents Summer Reading Program for Children & Teens

Keep the pages turning and the children learning this summer with Tulsa City-County Library’s annual children’s and teen summer reading programs.