Oklahoma District Export Council.


c/o United States Dept. of Commerce, DEC Coordinator
700 N. Greenwood Ave., Suite 1400
Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-581-7650
Fax: 918-581-6263

Email address: tulsa.office@trade.gov

  • Director: Charles Mills, Contact: Jim Williams.
  • Meet quarterly at various times in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
  • Purpose is promote exportation from Oklahoma. National affiliate is President's Export Council.
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS include export workshops and conferences, a small library containing U.S. Dept of Commerce publications, and other publications pertaining to international business. Also offers programs through communications information management systems, searches, mailing lists of foreign entities, foreign trade index, etc.
  • OKLAHOMA INTERNATIONAL EXPORT SERVICES. Provides counseling on export & import matters for local businesses and publishes a monthly newsletter.
  • A joint program of the Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce and the United States Dept. of Commerce.
  • SPEAKERS AVAILABLE on international business, marketing, exporting and other related topics.
  • Vertical file available.
  • Updated 6/11.
Services & Amenities: 
Speakers Available
Alternate Names: 
Oklahoma International Trade Bulletin.
Oklahoma DES.
Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce.
Oklahoma International Export Services.