SouthWest Tulsa Historical Society.


6303 S 30 W Ave
Tulsa, OK 74132
Phone: 918-445-9260

Pres: Roy Heim, Sec: Sherry Heim 918-445-9260, Exec. Sec.: David Breed, 918-808-4142

  • Historian: David Breed 918-808-4142.
  • Meets monthly, 6:30 p.m., locations TBA.
  • Southwest Tulsa Historical Society promotes the history and the culture of that region. Offers tours of the area with lecture about history.
  • SPEAKERS AVAILABLE on the history of Southwest Tulsa (Carbondale, Red Fork, West Tulsa, etc.).
  • Updated 2/13
Services & Amenities: 
Speakers Available
Alternate Names: 
Community History Collection.