Youth Services of Tulsa, Inc. (YST).


311 S. Madison
Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-582-0061
Fax: 918-382-3434
  • Youth Services is a partner agency of the Tulsa Area United Way, offering a variety of innovative programs in four key areas: Runaway and Homeless Youth Services, Counseling, Delinquency Prevention, and Youth Development. 
  • Also offices in Broken Arrow,  Owasso and Glenpool.
  • Hours: M-Th 8:30 A.M.-6:30 P.M.; Fri 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M. 24-hour crisis telephone service: (918) 582-0061.
  • Executive Director: David Grewe, LCSW.
  • Assistant Director: Tania Pryce, LPC, LADC.
  • Executive Committee: President: Karissa Cottom; Secretary: Meg Nelson; Vice President, Programs: Derek Lewellen; Vice President, Governance: Robert Mitchener, III; Vice President, Community Relations: Jason Collington; Vice President, Development: Jordan Lusnak; Vice President, Finance: Trey Karlovich; Past President: Bob Sullivan; Gary Betow; Gina Carroll; Chris Miner; and Jim Sieck. 
  • Board President: Karissa Cottom
  • Programs and services include:
  • The ADOLESCENT EMERGENCY SHELTER provides shelter and guidance to youth in crisis ages 12-17 who need a safe place to stay. Youth aged 18 may be eligible if currently enrolled in high school.
  • The STREET OUTREACH SERVICES (SOS) extend a lifeline to homeless youth by providing basic needs items and linking them to resources for leaving the streets. While many agencies provide services to the adult homeless population, Youth Services is the only agency in the area offering  full continuum of care to end youth homelessness. 
  • THE STATION (DROP- IN CENTER): Homeless teens and young people ages 16-24 can shower, do laundry, have a hot meal, get clothes, and rest in a safe space off the streets.  Also provides food/hygiene packs, access to OU Medical Clinic,  and referrals to other services. Currently open M-F 11-4. 
  • The TRANSITIONAL LIVING PROGRAM (TLP) teaches life skills and enables older homeless youth (ages 17-22) to become self-sufficient. One of our most unique programs, TLP prepares these youth for employment and facilitates successful transitions into adulthood. Temporary housing may be available to qualified applicants. 
  • SAFE PLACE provides neighborhood access to services through  QuikTrip locations, Tulsa Transit buses, EMSA ambulances, Tulsa City-County Libraries,  and fire stations. TXT 4 HELP Teens can text the word SAFE and their current address to the 69866 and in return get the address of the Safe Place that is nearest to them, as well as the phone number for their area youth shelter.
  • LGBTQ SUPPORT GROUP. For ages 13-20. Fosters healthy choices, alliance building and peer community support.
  • The FIRST OFFENDER PROGRAM diverts youth from further involvement with the juvenile justice system through counseling, community service, and other YST programs.
  • JUVENILE RE-ENTRY PROGRAM: improves the odds of juvenile offenders by providing multiple services to youth so they can break their cycle of repeat offending.
  • YOUTH COURT (in Tulsa and Owasso) combines youth leadership development with a diversion program that works: first-time offenders have their cases heard before a court of their peers, and youth volunteers learn about the law and legal processes while performing a meaningful community service.
  • HEALTH EDUCATION (HEP) and PregNOT provides youth and adult workshops and one-on-one assessments to address healthy living choices, at-risk behavior,  sexually-transmitted diseases, and to reduce Oklahoma's teen pregnancy rate. 
  • COFFEE HOUSE. For teens 12-18 only. A place to hang out, visit with friends and enjoy being a teen. Live local music, movies and games nights, and free WIFI, coffee, and tea are just a few of the fun activities youth will experience at Coffee House. Coffee House is held every Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Coffee generously provided by QuikTrip.
  • COUNSELING SERVICES: Through In-Office and Home-Based Counseling Services, YST helps young people and their families manage the problems of adolescence. Sliding payment scale, no one is refused services due to their financial situation. Substance abuse services also available. 
  • SPEAKERS AVAILABLE on Youth Services, SafePlace, Tulsa Youth Court, First Offender  Program and other topics impacting youth such as: drugs, violence, self-esteem and grief.
  • Partner agency of the Tulsa Area United Way..
  • Updated 1/17
Services & Amenities: 
Speakers Available
Alternate Names: 
First Offender Program.
North Tulsa Youth Program.
Safe Place.
Street Outreach Service. (SOS).
Txt 4 Help.
Youth Activity Center.
Youth Court Program.