So you want to be President? Learn more about what they are and how you can get on the path to being our leader!

Kids Read Presidents

Presidential Pets!

Print and Dress Up Major & Champ!

As of January 20, 2021, there are two new dogs in the White House: Major and Champ!

Download and print these paper dolls - er, dogs! - and dress them up!

Presidential Pets Mini-Book

Download and create this mini-book about presidential pets over the years!

Reading Lists!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Presidents

Kids Read Connector: Presidents

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and Presidents! 

Kids Read Magic, Dragons, & Swords: Presidents

The books you like to read have one or all of the following: MAGIC, DRAGONS, & SWORDS - and you are exactly that: a Magic, Dragons, and Swords reader! This list features leadership in fantasy stories and realms. 

Kids Read Class Clown: Presidents

Where is the funny? That's where you want to be, if you're a Class Clown reader! Laugh a lot and learn about presidents with these books. 

Kids Read Adventure Time: Presidents

Do you like your presidents with a side of adventure? Adventure Time readers will love this list of books that have both. 

Kids Read Serial Reader: Presidents

You are a Serial Reader if you love staying with the same characters and settings in the same series of books. Get to know some great series that are related to space with this list! 

Make Your Own Flag!

Lesson Plan: My Flag

Learn more about flags with this lesson below, or at this link:


  • Students will be able to explain the reasoning behind the variety of symbols, animals, shapes, and colors seen on a wide variety of flags. 

  • Presidential/patriotism tie in: As you look at the symbolism within each flag encourage your students to think about their ideal world and what they would like to have in it.  

  • How are their ideals different or similar to the ‘official’ flags they are seeing? 


  • Ask students what they know about flags and their purpose. 

  • Next, share a variety of flags and discuss briefly what you see on the flags together and ask the students if they can guess why so many of the flags use similar symbols and shapes.  

  • We have gathered a wide variety of books about flags from the TCCL catalog  HERE that we feel would be ideal.  

  • Then, discuss color theory as it pertains to human perception of colors. 

  • Here is a quick overview of Color Theory  

  • Overview of theory HERE (  

  • classroom graphics resource available HERE ( 

Opening Activity  

  • Allow students to browse the flags alone or in groups and write down what elements they found most interesting and analyze what they believe to be the intended message based on color theory and symbolism. 

  • NOTE: this would be a great time to look at Native American Flags as they are often more intricate, but still similar in their themes.  

  • Then allow students to share their findings with the class. 

Main Lesson 

  • Share more flags with the students with a focus on helping them to understand what is being depicted on the flags based on symbolism and color theory and any other concepts or ideas that you want to focus on. 

Main Activity 

  • Students will create their own flag based on the teacher’s guidelines. 

  • Suggested guidelines: Students create a flag for either a fictional or real place that includes colors, shapes, animals, or ideas that they feel represent them or their chosen location. 

  • Once finished, the students will share their flag and explain why they chose those elements and colors, they will also answer questions from their peers and teacher. 

  • This would also be a good place to add a writing prompt either about their flag or the place it represents. 

  • Remember, this is also a great time to encourage students to think about their ideal world and what they would like to have in it. 

  • Some students may have video games for all, while others feature protection for endangered animals, green initiatives, or human rights as a priority.  

Your Flag: Bibliocommons List