Let's look at the wizardry of weather!

Kids Read Weather


Learn About Weather with Ms. Julia!

Ms. Julia shares some fascinating weather facts, hilarious weather jokes (guess how many!), cool weather books, and fun weather activities in this "Fact-ivities" video!


Ms Julia Weather Factivities


Virtual Escape Room: Weather!

Take a hot air balloon ride with Buddy Bookworm...

 See if you can complete this virtual escape room about weather!


Weather escape room



Read Like a Weather Wizard!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Weather

You want to learn about weather, but where do you start? Are you a "just the facts" Curious Detective reader? This list is for you!


Kids Read Connector: Weather

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and weather-related stories!


Kids Read Magic, Dragons, and Swords: Weather

The books you like to read have one or all of the following: MAGIC, DRAGONS, & SWORDS - and you are exactly that: a Magic, Dragons, and Swords reader! This list features fantasy stories and realms where weather is important.


Kids Read Class Clown: Weather

Who knew that weather could be so funny? Class Clown readers! Laugh a lot and learn about weather with these books.


Kids Read Adventure Time: Weather

Do you like your weather with a side of adventure? Adventure Time readers will love this list of books that have both.


Kids Read Serial Reader: Weather

You are a Serial Reader if you love staying with the same characters and settings in the same series of books. Get to know some great series that feature weather!


Weather Word Search

Can You Find All of the Weather Words?

Wow! Can you find ALL of the words in this fun word search?


Weather Word Search


Extra! Extra! Online Games, Videos, & Activities!

AWESOME Weather Videos & More

Check out these excellent online weather-related resources from our friends at Scholastic, National Geographic, NASA, National Weather Service, Sid the Science Kid, and SciShow Kids!