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The Central Library’s Research Center orders selected new and revised print standards coordinated and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Varying alphanumeric document numbers on each ANSI standard differentiate publishing organizations as well as titles (ex. ANSI/ASME). These standards are shelved alphabetically by organization and then numerically within our Standards and Specifications Vertical Files. Some standards are classified by Dewey Decimal Number in the Research Center book stacks (Ex: American Petroleum Institute).

Within copyright restrictions, photocopiers are available for copying. Emailing and scanning are possible at 10 pages per day.  At the library’s discretion, check-out privileges are for Tulsa City-County Library customers with a valid library card and proper business identification. (The documents are to be used for business use.)

Other full or partial standards in the Research Center Collection include:

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Organization Title Number Year Edition Call Numbersort descending Notes
API Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatur 1 2004 6th
ANSI/SAE/AMS Steel Bars, Forgings, and Tubing 0.15-0.20C (SAE 1 1 5069F
API Specification for Sucker Rods, Polished Rods and L 2010 27th 658.5028 A51 no.11B
API Recommended Practice for Gas Lift System Design an 2008 658.5028 A51 no.11V8
API Rheology and Hydraulics of Oil-well Drilling Fluid 2010 6th 658.5028 A51 no.13D
API Refinery Control Valves 2007 1st 658.5028 A51 no.553
API Process Control Systems 2008 1st 658.5028 A51 no.554 pt.2
API Process Analyzers 2001 2nd 658.5028 A51 no.555
API Piping Inspection Code: In-Service Inspection 2009 3rd 658.5028 A51 No.570
API Inspection Practices for Piping System Components 2009 3rd 658.5028 A51 no.574
API Recommended Practice for Well Control Operations 2006 2nd 658.5028 A51 no.59
API Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and 2010 11th 658.5028 A51 no.610
API Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equi 2010 20th 658.5028 A51 no.6A
API Specification for Cements and Materials for Well C 1 2002 23rd 665.5028 A51 No. 10A
API Specification for Bow-Spring Casing Centralizers 1 2002 6th 665.5028 A51 No. 10D
API Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Ce 1 2002 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 10F
API Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities 1 2005 20th 665.5028 A51 No. 1104
API Computational Pipeline Monitoring 1 1995 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 1130
API Pipeline Variable Uncertainties and Their Effects 1 1993 665.5028 A51 No. 1149
API Recommended Practice for Electrical Submersible Pu 1 1997 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 1151 R1999, R2008
API Evaluation Methodology for Software Based Leak Det 1 1995 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 1155
API Managing System Integrity for Hazardous Liquid Pip 1 2001 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 1160
API Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Subsurfac 1 2000 4th 665.5028 A51 No. 11AR
API Specification for Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps and 1 2006 12th 665.5028 A51 No. 11AX
API Specification for Sucker Rods 1 1998 26th 665.5028 A51 No. 11B
API Recommended Practice for Care and Handling of Suck 1 1989 8th 665.5028 A51 No. 11BR
API Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries - Downhole Eq 1 2002 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 11D1
API Specification for Pumping Units 1 1994 17th 665.5028 A51 No. 11E R2000
API Recommended Practice for Guarding of Pumping Units 1 1990 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 11ER
API Recommended Practice for Installation and Lubricat 1 1994 4th 665.5028 A51 No. 11G R2000
API Bulletin Data Sheet for the Design of Air Exchange 1 1998 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 11K R2000
API Recommended Practice for Design Calculations for S 1 1988 4th Ed 665.5028 A51 No. 11L
API Bulletin on Sucker Rod Pumping System Design Book 1 1999 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 11L3
API Specification for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer 1 1997 4th 665.5028 A51 No. 11N R2000
API Recommended Practice for Packaged Combustion Gas T 1 1992 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 11PGT
API Recommended Practice for the Operation, Maintenanc 1 1994 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 11S R2000, R2008
API Recommended Practice for Installation and Operatio 1 1994 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 11T R2000
API Specification for Bolted Tanks for Storage of Prod 1 1995 14th 665.5028 A51 No. 12B R2000
API Specification for Field Welded Tanks for Storage o 1 1994 10th 665.5028 A51 No. 12D R2000
API Specification for Shop Welded Tanks for Storage of 1 1994 11th 665.5028 A51 No. 12F R2000
API Specification for Oil and Gas Separators 1 1989 7th 665.5028 A51 No. 12J R1999
API Specification for Indirect Type Oil-Field Heaters 1 1989 7th 665.5028 A51 No. 12K R1999
API Specification for Vertical and Horizontal Emulsion 1 1994 4th 665.5028 A51 No. 12L R2000
API Recommended Practice for the Operation, Maintenanc 1 1994 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 12N R2000, R2008
API Recommended Practice for Setting, Maintenance, Ins 1 1997 5th 665.5028 A51 No. 12R1 R2008
API Specification for Drilling-Fluid Materials 1 2006 17th 665.5028 A51 No. 13A
API Rheology and Hydraulics of Oil-Well Drilling Fluid 1 2006 5th 665.5028 A51 No. 13D
API Recommended Practice for Shale Shaker Screen Cloth 1 1993 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 13E R2001