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The Central Library’s Research Center orders selected new and revised print standards coordinated and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Varying alphanumeric document numbers on each ANSI standard differentiate publishing organizations as well as titles (ex. ANSI/ASME). These standards are shelved alphabetically by organization and then numerically within our Standards and Specifications Vertical Files. Some standards are classified by Dewey Decimal Number in the Research Center book stacks (Ex: American Petroleum Institute).

Within copyright restrictions, photocopiers are available for copying. Emailing and scanning are possible at 10 pages per day.  At the library’s discretion, check-out privileges are for Tulsa City-County Library customers with a valid library card and proper business identification. (The documents are to be used for business use.)

Other full or partial standards in the Research Center Collection include:

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Organization Titlesort descending Number Year Edition Call Number Notes
AWS Guide for the Training and Qualification of Weldin 1 1995 671.52 A511 No. EG2.0-95
AWS Guide for the Visual Examination of Welds 1 2000 671.52 A511 No. B1.11-2000
AWS Guide for Thermal-Spray Operator Qualification 1 1992 671.51 A511 No. C2.16-92
AWS Guide for Thermal-Spray Operator Qualification 1 2002 671.51 A511 No. C2.16/C2.16M-2002
AWS Guide for Welding Fume Control 1 1989 671.52 A511 No. F3.1-89
AWS Guide for Welding Iron Castings 1 1989 671.51 A511 No. D11.2-89
AWS Guide for Welding Mild Steel Pipe 1 2000 671.52 A511 No. D10.12M/D10.12-2000
API Guide to the Assessment and Remediation of Undergr 1 1996 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 1628
AWS Guide to Weld Discoloration Levels on Inside of Au 1 1999 671.52 A511 No. D18.2-99
ANSI Guideline for Bar Code Print Quality 1990 ANSI X3.182
API Guidelines and Methods for Inspection of Existing 1 2005 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 575
API Guidelines and Procedures for Entering and Cleanin 1 2001 1st 665.5028 A51 No. 2016
ANSI/IPC Guidelines for Acceptability of Printed Boards 1978 ANSI/IPC A-600C
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems – Part 1: 1990 ANSI/ISO 10011-1
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems – Part 2: 1991 ANSI/ISO 10011-2
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems – Part 3: 1991 ANSI/ISO 10011-3
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Developing Quality Manuals 1995 ANSI/ISO 10013
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – Audit Proc 2 1996 ANSI/ISO 14011
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – General Pr 2 1996 ANSI/ISO 14010
ANSI/ISO Guidelines for Environmental Auditing – Qualificat 2 1996 ANSI/ISO 14012
ANSI/ISO/TR Guidelines for Managing the Economics of Quality 1998 ANSI/ISO/TR 10014
API Guidelines for Safe Work in Inert Confined Spaces 1 2005 3rd 665.5028 A51 No. 2217A
ANSI/ASME Handbook –A17.1-- Safety Code for Elevators and Es 1996 ANSI/ASME A17.1
ANSI/SAE/AMS Hard Anodic Coating of Magnesium Alloys Alkaline T ANSI/SAE/AMS 2466A
API Heat Recovery Steam Generators 1 2007 2nd 665.5028 A51 No. 534
ANSI/SAE/AMS Heat Treatment of Steel Parts - General Requiremen ANSI/SAE/AMS 2759D
ANSI/SAE/AMS Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts ANSI/SAE/AMS 2770G
ANSI/UL High-Efficiency, Particulate, Air Filter Unit 1985 ANSI/UL 586
ANSI/ASME Hook-Type Forks and Fork Carriers for Powered Indu 1988 ANSI/ASME B56.11.4
ANSI/SAE/AS Hose Assembly, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Metallic 2007 ANSI/SAE/AS 1946B (R2007)
ANSI/ACI Hot Weather Concreting 1999 ANSI/ACI 305R
ANSI Household Cooking Gas Appliances 1996 ANSI Z21.1
ANSI Housekeeping During the Construction Phase of Nucl 1973 ANSI N45.2.3
SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards Metal and Flexibl SMACNA 1035
ANSI/ISO Hydraulic Fluid Power – Cleanliness of Parts and C 2002 ANSI/ISO 18413
ANSI/ISO Hydraulic Fluid Power – Fluid Contamination-Determ 1991 ANSI/ISO 4405
ANSI/ISO Hydraulic Fluid Power – Particulate Contamination 1992 ANSI/ISO 4021
ANSI/SAE/AS Identification Marking Methods ANSI/SAE/AS 478N
ANSI Identification of Air-Purifying Respirator Caniste 1973 ANSI K13.1
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Guide for the Design and Installation of Cabl 1986 ANSI/IEEE 422
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Guide to Software Requirements Specifications 1984 ANSI/IEEE 830
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Recommended Practice for Energy Conservation 1984 ANSI/IEEE 739
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industr 2007 ANSI/IEEE 142 – 2007
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industr 1982 ANSI/IEEE 142
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing 1987 ANSI/IEEE 450
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic 1985 ANSI/IEEE 754
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Standard for Programmed Inquiry, Learning, o 1991 ANSI/IEEE 1154
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans 1989 ANSI/IEEE 730.1
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation (R19 1983 ANSI/IEEE 829
ANSI/IEEE IEEE Standard Letter Symbols for Units of Measurem 1978 ANSI/IEEE 260