Please enjoy virtual storytimes from your favorite children's librarians and staff at the Tulsa City-County Library!


Family Storytimes

Family Fun for Everyone!

Mr. Paul!

Paul February


Ms. Dana!

Dana February

Ms. Sarah D.!


Sarah D February

Ms. Melody!


Melody February

Ms. Tori!


Tori February


Ms. Tanzy!

Tanzy February

Ms. Cindy!


Cindy February


Ms. Tori!

Tori January

Ms. Dana!


Dana January

Ms. Melody!

Melody January

Ms. Haley!


Haley January

Ms. Melody!


Melody December

Ms. Cindy!


Cindy December

Ms. Dana!


Dana December

Ms. Sarah!

Sarah D December

Ms. Cindy!

Cindy November 2

Mr. Paul!


Paul November

Ms. Tori!

Tori November

Ms. Dana!


Dana November

Ms. Melody!

Melody November

Ms. Sarah!

Ms. Sarah November 2

Ms. Tori!

Tori October

Ms. Cindy!


Cindy November

Ms. Dana!

Dana October

Ms. Tanzy!


Tanzy October

Mr. Alex!


Alex October

Ms. Shelly!

Ms. Shelly

Ms. Melody!

Ms. Melody

Ms. Sarah!


Ms. Sarah

Ms. Haley!

Ms. Haley September

Ms. Tanzy!

Ms. Tanzy September

Ms. Cindy!

Ms. Cindy September


Miss Tori Pirate


Ms. Dana!

Miss Dana storytime


Ms. Sarah D.! 

Sarah Davis


Ms. Melody!


Ms Melody storytime


Ms. Shelly! 

Shelly Wimberley

More Storytimes!

Cats! Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Sarah T

The 2021 summer Build A Reader storytimes started strong with Ms. Sarah’s preschool session focused on the Tails & Tales theme of CATS. Ms. Sarah is known for her original song lyrics as well as her starring storytime partners: her real life cats! Watch this storytime to find out what her end of storytime joke is!


Sarah T cats storytime


Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, & Fables! Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Alice

Just wait for Ms. Alice’s hilarious and energetic rendition of “Humpty Dumpty” in this preschool storytime that introduces children to common fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and fables! It’s almost as good as Ms. Alice roaring like a lion and reading an updated version of The Little Red Hen story.

Alice hen

Fairy Tale Fun! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Cindy

Join Ms. Cindy for a fun family storytime filled with songs, rhymes, and fairy tales! Find out how you can introduce new vocabulary words into your child’s listening and speaking comprehension.

Cindy fairytales

Alligators & Elephants! Build A Reader Baby & Toddler Storytime with Ms. Julia

You can’t go wrong with alligators and elephants! Ms. Julia mixes fun stories and nonfiction books, songs, and rhymes in English and Spanish – PLUS her wonderful sense of humor! As kids clap their hands and snap their fingers along with Ms. Julia, they will build their dexterity, which will help them with writing in the future.

Julia alligators

Princess Tales! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Tori

Is that Ms. Tori, or is it Princess Mononoke? Watch this family storytime to find out! In addition to her magical guitar, Ms. Tori demonstrates how to make reading nonfiction fun for kids – simply look at the pictures together or focus on one aspect that kids are interested in instead of reading ALL of the text. (You can always go back to read more if kids are curious!)


Tori Princess

Colors and Animals! Build A Reader Baby & Toddler Bilingual Storytime with Ms. Fidelia

Ms. Fidelia has one of the most beautiful and mellifluous voices in the universe! In this music-heavy bilingual storytime, she introduces babies and toddlers to animals and colors in both English and Spanish. The books she reads are perfect for teaching younger kids while being interactive enough for older children who already know their colors and animals. Sing along with Ms. Fidelia!

Fidelia colors and animals

Fish Out of Water! Build A Reader Family Storytime Bite with Ms. Rita

Swim with the fishies and Ms. Rita, who reads Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins and Something’s Fishy by Jean Gouroun.


Rita Fish

Can You Bear It? Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Sarah T.

The exceedingly delightful cat Mo and owner Ms. Sarah T. entertain you with silly stories about bears and reminders about why playtime is important for early literacy skills. For those of you who are fans of Ms. Sarah T., you know to expect a “dad joke” at the end – this one also shows how parents can use jokes to build vocabulary!

Sarah T bears

Eye On Elephants! Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Alice

Ms. Alice usually incorporates at least one nonfiction book in her storytimes, and this week it’s one about elephants! Not only do we learn more about why elephants are awesome, Ms. Alice explains how nonfiction builds the background knowledge of children that will help with their future reading comprehension.

Alice elephants

Thumbs Up! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Tanzy

If you’ve been lucky enough to participate in a Ms. Tanzy storytime, you know you’ll be clapping and stomping, slithering your arms like a snake and wiggling your fingers all around! In this high-energy storytime, turtles, crocodiles, alligators, and lions all make an appearance, along with fun songs and stories.

Tanzy thumbs up

Summer Safari! Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Tatiana

Ms. Tatiana takes young readers on a new adventure – to Africa for a safari! Get practice in counting animals, playing a guessing game, and going on a lion hunt. Highlighted books include We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania by Laurie Krebs, Jungle Beasts Pop-Up by Sally Hewitt, and We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell.

Tatiana Safari

Baa Baa Farm Animals! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Melody

Miss Bo Peep – er, Ms. Melody! – reads stories about sheeps and farm animals, with help from Francisco. Enjoy the books Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw, A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo, and My Friend Maggie by Hannah E. Harrison.

Melody Bo Peep

Fun Fun Fun! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Sarah D.

Kids notice what parents love, and when parents love reading, they notice! Ms. Sarah explains why excitement and fun around reading is a family value they should share. One featured book in this fun family storytime is “Pug Meets Pig” – Ms. Sarah manages to make this high-energy book even more entertaining!


Sarah D fun storytime

Heads and Tails! Build A Reader Baby & Toddler Bilingual Storytime with Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie recently started working with teens in the library, but she still has a special affinity for babies and toddlers! In this bilingual storytime, she reads stories about animals, sings songs in both English and Spanish, and demonstrates how music can transform a simple moment into a learning moment!

Stephanie tails storytime

Playing Froggie! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Angela

Welcome to Ms. Angela’s first storytime; you will not be disappointed! Ms. Angela introduces you to frogs (and even wears frog ears throughout this fun storytime!), including a very energetic version of “Itsy Bitsy Frog” (instead of Spider!). Stay until the end when you can wave goodbye, butterfly!

Angela Fowler frog

It's a Jungle Out There! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Haley

What sound does a lion make? Ms. Haley knows! In this jungle-themed family storytime, she held up images of jungle animals and made the corresponding animal noise. The only thing missing? In-person children to make the sounds with her! Ms. Haley explains why practicing animal sounds is a super-fun way to help  children get ready for reading.


Haley jungle storytime

Animals, Animals, Everywhere! Build A Reader Preschool Storytime with Ms. Alice

Ms. Alice begins this animal-focused preschool storytime with a nonfiction book. Parents, don’t be afraid of nonfiction! Showing how to make these informational books interactive, Ms. Alice models how to mix information with fun!

Alice animals

More Animal Fun! Build A Reader Family Storytime with Ms. Dana

Family storytimes usually include children of multiple ages, and Ms. Dana understands to give something for everyone! She begins with simpler books and increases the difficulty and complexity of the books she reads. In this storytime, she starts with a book by Chris Raschka and finished with Newton and the Curie: The Science Squirrels. Oh, and Ms. Dana also teaches the Dot Dot, Line Line game – a worthy addition to your summertime fun!

Dana animals