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Las Posadas (“The Inns”) is a popular event that is mainly celebrated in Mexico and Central America during the nine days leading up to Christmas, because it took Mary and Joseph nine days to get to Bethlehem (or Belén). Starting Dec. 16, people reenact the trip by dressing up in costume or having a “pregnant” Mary ride a donkey while asking for a place to stay (pedir posada) at various houses. Depending on the family or region, friends and family pray, hit a piñata, and share food and drink.

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To celebrate Las Posadas, explore free recipes for traditional foods like pozole or tamales in AtoZ World Food. Tamales generally consist of a seasoned filling individually wrapped in a corn dough and cooked inside a corn husk. They are typically made in large batches to feed families and big gatherings. In pozole, which originated in Mexico but is a popular Costa Rican dish, the field corn is cooked in water before being added to a thick, rich pork stew. Search for either recipe name in AtoZ World Food, accessible at www.tulsalibrary.org/databases to find out how to make it!

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To learn more through books or articles, search for “Las Posadas” in our catalog at www.tulsalibrary.org or in Latino American Experience, accessible at www.tulsalibrary.org/databases.