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Halloween Costumes: Research to the Rescue!

On the hunt for an authentic Halloween costume for you or your child?

Research to the rescue!

The library's Popular Culture Universe database has articles, pictures, and in some cases even videos that show clothing from various decades.

Whether you want to re-create a "Flapper" look from the 1920s, one of the original "Boy Band" musicians from the 1950s, or even a "Furby" toy from the 1990s, you'll find inspiration and information from this free resource.

"What about me?": Reading aloud to older kids

Reading Aloud to Older Children Still Has Benefits

by Tori Hamilton, Children's Library Associate, Glenpool Library

Reading to babies and young children is one of the most important things parents and caregivers can do to promote literacy skills.

Misunderstood Monsters

Ah, October! This is the time of year when it's socially acceptable to talk about monsters with children. Good thing there are plenty of excellent monster books to share with them! 

On the non-scary, funny side of the monster book spectrum, "Quit Calling Me a Monster" by John Jory and illustrated by the genius Bob Shea should be at the top of your list for read-alouds.

Bringing the Fun Back to Reading: how to get kids hooked on books

by Tori Hamilton, Children's Library Associate, Glenpool Library

"Counting Thyme": middle-grade novel explores family, emotions, illness

Book review of "Counting Thyme" by Melanie Conklin - review written by Melody Palmer, Youth Librarian at South Broken Arrow Library

*Join Miss Melody and other readers ages 9-12 every month for the "In the Middle Book Group" at the South Broken Arrow Library! The next In the Middle is Monday, September 25 from 6:30 until 7:30 p.m. "Raymie Nightingale" by Kate DiCamillo is the book discussed. Light refreshments and fun!*