Track Your Library Items & Requests


Library Elf

Library E.L.F.: Everyone’s Library Friend

If you like to borrow items from the Tulsa City-County Library, Library E.L.F. is your best friend! Sign up today and never think about it again.

Library E.L.F. will:

  • Track your library items and requests.
  • Help you avoid overdue fines and missed requests.
  • Send you courtesy notices (via text, email or RSS) before your items are due.
  • Remind you when your requests are ready for pickup or items are due.
  • If you wish, consolidate all of your family’s library cards into one E.L.F. account.

Library E.L.F. is free and easy to use.

Just sign up once to create your own Library E.L.F., and then Library E.L.F. will take care of the rest.

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