With library text alerts you can receive text messages when

  • items you requested are ready for pickup
  • items you have checked out are due soon
  • items you have checked out are overdue

You can also send text messages to

  • renew items you have checked out
  • search for an item at the library using an ISBN

Texts are available in English & Spanish, and multiple accounts can be tracked from one phone number.

To sign up:

  1. Create a contact in your phone's address book for TCCL Notices.
  2. Add the phone number 844-225-9698.
  3. Open the text messaging application.
  4. Text the word SIGNUP+<library card number>+<password> to the new contact, TCCL Notices or 844-225-9698
    1. The + between each element is required.
    2. Replace <library card number> with your 14-digit library card with no spaces (e.g. 22345678901234)
    3. Replace <password> with the password you use to sign in to the catalog
    4. e.g. SIGNUP+22345678901234+pwd123
  5. It should reply with a confirmation.

(Or use a form and Sign up here)

Text commands:

Text the following keywords to the TCCL Notices contact to opt in or out of services or get more information*
English Command Spanish Command Description
SIGNUP REGISTRESE Register for text alerts
ADDCARD ADDCARD Add a new card to your text alert account
DROPCARD DROPCARD Remove a card that was added using ADDCARD
FEES TASAS Fee notification opt in/out
HOLDS MANTENER Hold notification opt in/out
IOWEU TEDEBO Current fines & fees for each card
MYBOOKS   Check status of all library items
MYCARDS MYCARDS List of cards registered to text alert account
NEWPASS NUEVOCONTRASENA Update password linked to library card number
NOTICES AVISOS Current status of all opt in/out services
OVERDUE ATRASADO Overdue notification opt in/out
RENEW RENOVAR Renew notification opt in/out
RESEND REENVIAR Resend the last message
HELP AYUDA Request help
ISBN ISBN Search the catalog for an ISBN number (e.g. ISBN 9780545268370)
SWITCHPHONE CAMBIARTELEFONO Update phone number or carrier
QUIT SALIR Un-register from text alerts (will be followed by several prompts)

*Text only the keyword to opt in or out. Use of the word "stop" will cancel your subscription and require you to sign up again.