Busy Days, Bustling Minds:  How to Incorporate Reading into Your Family's Routine

Developing young readers requires daily reading, but establishing a family routine can feel overwhelming. With so many demands on time, adding daily reading may seem like another chore; however, there are ways to make it a fun and essential part of your week.

1.Prioritize and Plan Your Library Visit

The first step is to plan: designate a specific day for your library visit. There is a library open in Tulsa County every day of the week! Check hours for all 24 branches across Tulsa County here

2. Select a Variety of Engaging Books

Having an assortment of books keeps things interesting! For young readers, choose various picture books and consider shorter ones with captivating illustrations and large text for those shorter attention spans. Library staff are always available and eager to help! Encouraging children to pick books they are excited about is also a fun way to get them involved and invested in reading. Browsing pictures and themes together strengthens family bonds and fosters a love for reading.

3. Set Aside Time for Reading

A daily reading time of just 10 minutes can have a significant and lasting impact on your young one’s reading habits and skills. Reading can be a part of your evening routine or during unexpected down time. Keep books handy for spontaneous moments such as reading in the car on the way to the store! The more consistently you read together, the easier it becomes. Don’t forget to let them see you reading your own books and enjoying them, which takes us to the last and most important part. 

4. Make Reading Enjoyable

Choose books that excite your family and visit the library often for new selections. Reading can be a magical bonding experience when everyone is invested and having fun. Our branches offer tons of events for the whole family, so pair your visit with one of our free events if time allows! Check out our event guide at https://events.tulsalibrary.org/events.

Remember, daily reading is an important part of developing young readers. With planning, flexibility, and enthusiasm, you can make reading a cherished part of your family's daily routine. Happy reading!

-- Rachel Ann Dennis, Youth Librarian, Central Library Children’s Department