Why Are There Stripes on the American Flag?

In honor of a summer of patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, and just this week, Independence Day), why not go on a learning expedition with your child about flags of the world? We all know what the flag of the United States of America looks like, but what about Norway's flag? Croatia? Egypt? Peru? Spain?

Google Image Search is useful to see what flags look like, but to get the full history of the symbolism of different flags, head to the 929.9s and 994s in the Children's nonfiction section at your library.

You'll find books like Flags of the World and, for the flag of the United States in particular, Why Are There Stripes on the American Flag? and Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag.

Consider creating a "Family Flag" for your family. Brainstorm symbols that represent what makes the Millers the Millers. (In my own family, we would definitely include a library book, a cinnamon roll, running shoes, and a cat!) Then break out the crayons, marker, and other art supplies to unfurl the magic.

- Laura Raphael, Children's Services Coordinator