As you go through your day, it's easy to forget that we are on a planet spinning with other planets around the sun. At night, looking up at the stars, though, you see why humans have been trying to go into space and explore everything out there. Explore space and planets safely on this site!

Kids Read Blast Off


Virtual Escape Room for Kids

Can You Escape the Space Station?

Check out this fun virtual escape room. What would it be like to be an astronaut on the Space Station? 

Space Escape

Reading Lists!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Blast Off!

Kids Read Connector: Blast Off!

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and space! 

Kids Read Magic Dragons and Swords: Blast Off!

The books you like to read have one or all of the following: MAGIC, DRAGONS, & SWORDS - and you are exactly that: a Magic, Dragons, and Swords reader! This list features space in fantasy stories and realms.,_swords,_dragons_blast_off 

Kids Read Class Clown: Blast Off!

Where is the funny? That's where you want to be, if you're a Class Clown reader! Laugh a lot and learn about space with these books. 

Kids Read Adventure Time: Blast Off!

Fast adventures and space are perfect for each other! Adventure Time readers will love this list of books that have both. 

Kids Read Serial Reader: Blast Off!

You are a Serial Reader if you love staying with the same characters and settings in the same series of books. Get to know some great series that are related to space with this list! 

Watch This!

Can You Make a Rocket?

 Let Ms. Emily show you how to make a rocket at home with just a few household items!

How to make a rocket


Here are the instructions:

First Chapter Fun with Mr. Paul!

"Neil Armstrong and Nat Love Space Cowboys"

Listen to Mr. Paul read the first chapter of the book "Neil Armstrong and Nat Love Space Cowboys"!

Space Cowboys

"Lily & Kosmo in Outer Outer Space"

We defy you to not immediately want to read more after listening to Mr. Paul read the first chapter of "Lily & Kosmo in Outer Outer Space"...

Lily and Kosmo

"Voyage of the Dog"

Listen to the first chapter of "Voyage of the Dogs" for a doggone good time!

voyage of the dogs

Extra! Extra! Rabbit Trails

Stargazing & Navigation by Stars


Space Exploration

Time Travel