Bugs are beautiful animals! Learn more about why...

Bugs Are Beautiful

Bugs Like You've Never Seen Them Before!

Meet Thomas Shahan, Bug Photographer

Thomas Shahan was a Tulsa kids just like you! He grew up to become an artist and a photographer. His macro-photographs of insects (that means pictures of bugs that are really, really close up) are really popular! (He's been on national TV many times!)

You can see ALL of Thomas Shahan's bug photography here: http://thomasshahan.com/#photos

In the meantime, here are two of our favorites:

Walker's Moth, So sxetra grata, Belize

Bug 1

Coccinella septempunctata, Oregon

Bug 2

Virtual Escape Room: Ant-tics!
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Backyard bugs

Bug Art!

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The Worm by Elise Gravel https://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C3231368 

Nematodes, Leeches, & Other Worms by Steve Parkerhttps://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C1985123 

We Dig Worms by Kevin McCloskey https://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C3632440 

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Snails, Shellfish and Other Mollusks by Daniel Gilpin https://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C1985115 

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The Way of the Hive: A Honey Bee’s Story (A graphic novel scheduled for publication in April 2021)https://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C5432382 

The World of Bees by Cristina Maria Banfi https://tccl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S63C5432382