Stay quiet and listen, some late night. Do you hear it? The cry of a wolf! Learn more about real wolves...and made-up wolves, too.

Kids Read Cry Wolf

Wolf Olympics!

Wolf Olympics: Download Here!

Download the complete WOLF OLYMPICS here, or do each activity below.

Can You Run Like a Wolf?

FACT: Wolves spend up to 10 hours a day looking for food, often running.


I can run ___ minutes in place without stopping.

FACT: Wolves often travel at 5 miles an hour, but can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.


I can sprint 10 feet in ___ seconds.

Are You As Big as a Wolf?

FACT: Male gray wolves are the largest wolves, growing up to 32 inches tall and 5 feet long on average. Plus, their tails are typically another 1.5 feet!


I am ___ feet tall standing up.

I am ___ feet tall lying on the ground with my fingers stretched up and my toes pointed.

FACT: Wolf tracks are about 5 inches long by 4 inches wide, much larger than coyote or domestic dog tracks.


My hand is ___ inches long.

My hand ___ inches wide with my fingers splayed.

Are You As Hungry As a Wolf?

FACT: A hungry gray wolf may eat 20 pounds of meat in one sitting. That's an average of 9 pepperoni pizza slices.


I can eat ___ slices of pizza.

FACT: Wolf packs usually hunt within a territory, which can range from 50 square miles to over 1,000 square miles.


My kitchen is ___ feet away from where I sleep.

My favorite restaurant is ___ miles away from home.

Can You Hear Like a Wolf?

FACT: Wolves have large ears that allow them to hear pack members howling from as far away as 10 miles.


I can hear a watch ticking (or someone else snapping their fingers) from ___ inches away.

BONUS Wolf Facts!

  • Gray wolves are the largest living wild canine species.
  • Wolves howl to solidify pack bonds and warn other wolf packs to stay away -- but despite popular belief, wolves do NOT howl at the moon.
  • Baby wolves weight about 1 pound when they are born.
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