Let's learn about the medieval world of knights and castles!

Kids Read Knights and Castles


Make a Mini Bow and Arrow!

Miss Sarah T. shows you how to take popsicle sticks and dental floss to create awesome mini bows and arrows! *You will need some adult help.

Sarah Bow and arrow



Learn about Historic Knights of Old!

Enjoy this video from the 2020 Summer Reading Program, all about historic knights!

Historic Knights


Explore Medieval Martial Arts, Weaponry, and More!

More videos from 2020 Summer Reading Program!

  • Martial arts 

Part one: https://youtu.be/yK2F557-Xjw 

Part two: https://youtu.be/AdVuYWKkJ2Q 

Part three: https://youtu.be/c_P19bqYteE 


Reading Lists!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Knights & Castles

Kids Read Connectors: Knights & Castles

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and knights!


Kids Read Class Clown: Knights & Castles

Where is the funny? That's where you want to be, if you're a Class Clown reader! Laugh a lot and learn about knights of yore with the books on this list.


Kids Read Adventure Time: Knights & Castles

Fast adventures and knights are perfect for each other! Adventure Time readers will love this list of books that have both.


Kids Read Serial Reader: Knights & Castles

You are a Serial Reader if you love staying with the same characters and settings in the same series of books. Get to know some great series that are related to knights with this list!



Make Dragonscale Slime!

Decorate a Knight!

Make Tinfoil Armor!

Rabbit Trails: Learn Even More!

King Arthur




Robin Hood

 Robin Hood



Medieval Life