Where in the world is Buddy Bookworm? Let's learn about maps & continents!

Kids Read Maps and Continents

Flat Buddy Adventures

Where in the World is Buddy?

Print out your own flat Buddy Bookworm below and take him on your adventures! Share his travels by taking a picture and tagging #flatBuddyTCCL or sharing his picture on any of the TCCL social media pages!

Flat Buddy

Mapping Your World

Easy & Fun Mapping Activity

Click here for a full "Mapping Your World" lesson plan that parents can use at home or teachers at school. Below are the highlights:

Start with...

An opening discussion!

  • Have a discussion about what your kid(s) already know about maps and why we need maps. 

  • Next, share a variety of maps and discuss briefly what you see on the maps together and ask the kid(s) if they can guess what the purpose of each map is. 

  • We have gathered a wide variety of maps and mapping themed non-fiction books from the TCCL catalog  HERE that we feel would be ideal. 


Allow kid(s) to browse the maps alone and write down or discuss what features they found on the maps and what purpose they think the map was created for. 

Finally, Make Your Own Map!

  • Suggested guidelines: Kid(s) create a map of either a fictional or real place that includes topographical features and animals which includes a legend, or key that will allow others to read their map.  

  • Once finished, the kid(s) will share their map and explain the legend, they will also answer questions from their peers and adults. 

  • This would also be ab good place to add a writing prompt either about their map or the place it represents. 

Map Examples & Extra Help

These files will help you with the "Mapping Your World" lesson!

Digital Map example (click on image to download):

Digital map example

Hand Drawn Map (click on image to download):

Hand drawn map

Map Legend (click on link to download)

You Rule! Create Your Own Country

Could you make your own country? Try here!

Could you make your own country? Check out You Rule!: Create Your Own Country (written by Scott Forbes, illustrated by Emma Laura Jones) to try your hand at ruling your own land. You can request a print copy or check it out on Hoopla! 

You Rule

Reading Lists!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Maps

Are you a "just the facts" Curious Detective reader? This list is for you!

Kids Read Curious World: Curious Detective and Maps 

Kids Read Connectors: Maps

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and maps and continents!

Kids Read Curious World: Connectors and Maps 

Kids Read Magic Dragons and Swords: Maps

The books you like to read have one or all of the following: MAGIC, DRAGONS, & SWORDS - and you are exactly that: a Magic, Dragons, and Swords reader! This list combines maps with your favorite fantasy settings and characters.

Kids Read Curious World: Magic Dragons and Swords and Maps 

Kids Read Class Clown: Maps

Where is the funny? That's where you want to be, if you're a Class Clown reader! Laugh a lot and learn about maps and continents with the books on this list.

Kids Read Curious World: Class Clown and Maps 

Kids Read Adventure Time: Maps

Fast adventures and maps and continents are perfect for each other! Adventure Time readers will love this list of books that have both.

Kids Read Curious World: Adventure Time and Maps 

Kids Read Serial Reader: Maps

You are a Serial Reader if you love staying with the same characters and settings in the same series of books. Get to know some great series that are related to maps with this list!

Kids Read Curious World: Serial Reader and Maps  

Virtual Escape Room for Kids!

Can You Help Find Buddy Bookworm?

Check out this fun virtual escape room about Maps and Continents. Answer questions and figure out Where In the World Buddy Is!


Escape Room Maps

Travel the World with Songs and Stories!

Sister Cities Stories with Ms. Tatiana

Ms. Tatiana and her friend Mischka traveled to Tulsa's "sister cities" in 8 different countries around the world to find their best stories and songs and find out more about what kids there like to do!

Check them out here:


Sister Cities Storytime

Extra! Extra! Even More Resources!

National Geographic Map Skills

Check out these activities to help you grow your map skills, brought to you by National Geographic:

Map Skills for Elementary students

Kinds of Maps for Kids

National Geographic presents Kinds Of Maps for Kids: 

Map Activities from PBS!

Past Kids Read Curious World Adventures