Let's take a look at SIMPLE MACHINES! Did you know that simple machines are everywhere? Learn more about what they are and what they do...and how they connect to YOU!

Kids Read Simple Machines


Simple Machines Are Everywhere!

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about simple machines, then go on a hunt around your home, school, or library to find them in action!


Watch This! Simple Machines Around the House

How many simple machines can you find?

Watch this short video to see how many simple machines are in one librarian's home!



Read This!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Me & the Machines

There's a lot to learn about simple machines, and if you love learning about real things, this list is for you!


Kids Read Connector: Me & the Machines

It takes people to understand machines! These books feature machines but are about how people live, grow, and learn.


Kids Read Magic, Dragons, and Swords: Me & the Machines

Do you love reading books with magic, dragons, and swords? These fantasy books that also have machines and are perfect for you.


Kids Read Class Clown: Me & the Machines

What's funny about simple machines? Find out with these books designed to make you laugh!


Kids Read Adventure Time: Me & the Machines

Kids Read Serial Reader: Me & the Machines

If you enjoy learning more about characters and how they change over time then you will enjoy these engaging serial reads. This list of books are from series but feature machine-related stories.


Try This! Simple Machines Activity

Build a Car!

Can you do this wheel and axle "Build a Car" experiment from the book "Building Vehicles that Roll" by Tammy Enz?

If you like this one, check out the book for more cool activities!

build a car 1

Build a car 2