Interested in Volunteering at the Library?

Thank you for your interest in joining the Library's vibrant community of volunteers. Tulsa City-County Library volunteers serve in many positions throughout Tulsa County. Not only do volunteers have the opportunity to give back to their community, but they also gain valuable experience and a better understanding of our libraries and communities.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Library Aide
Multiple Locations

Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Shelving and organizing books and materials
  • Light cleaning, such as dusting, wiping tables and interior glass, and cleaning computer screens and keyboards
  • Tidying public areas, such as pushing in chairs and straightening books on shelves
  • Replenishing pencils and scratch paper at computer stations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Customer Service – Promptly locates library staff to help customers who have questions.

Teamwork – Cooperates and works together with other library staff and volunteers. Demonstrates reliability and attention to detail.

Communication – Communicates ideas and thoughts clearly, accurately, and respectfully; listens to others and seeks to understand others’ perspectives.

Physical Demands:

The volunteer frequently is required to:

  • Stand, walk, reach and stoop
  • Speak and listen to others
  • Read 10 pt. font size
  • Push a movable cart loaded with books
  • Frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds


Adult Literacy Tutor
Multiple Locations

The Library's Adult Literacy Service offers one-on-one tutoring to adults and young adults (16+) who wish to improve their reading and writing skills.

Current Need: Adult Basic Literacy Tutors and ESL Literacy Tutors

Beginning Basic Literacy: Beginning basic literacy students may struggle to read a simple children’s story, understand medicine labels, or fill out a job application. These learners typically need help with beginning phonics, frequently used words, and comprehension skills.

Advanced Basic Literacy: An advanced basic literacy student may read at a 4th - 6th grade level, but struggle to break down longer words and understand longer texts. Spelling and writing are often challenges for these learners as well. Vocabulary development, guided writing, and more complex comprehension strategies are generally the areas of focus for these students. These learners may be working toward obtaining their GED or enrolling in vocational or college courses.

English as a Second Language: These students have either immigrated to this area or are here temporarily before returning to their native countries. They want to speak and understand English with greater confidence and ease. Tutors often focus on conversation for meaning, pronunciation, vocabulary development and writing with ESL learners.

Our tutors come from all walks of life. We see retired teachers, recent college graduates, stay-at-home parents, students, full-time employees, and more. The one thing they have in common is the desire to help someone improve their reading and/or English skills.

Feeling intimidated? Don't! We frequently have potential tutors ask if we can use people who have never taught before, or people who don't speak Spanish, and the answer is always of course we can! What we need from our tutors is patience, and a willingness to learn alongside your student. In addition to that, we do ask that our tutors fulfill these more specific requirements:

  • Satisfactorily complete our free 10-hour tutor training. Tutors are required to complete a core 10-hour training to become certified. This training will help you understand how best to work with your student, and will show you the resources we have available for you and your student to use. See the current workshop schedule for more details.
  • Commit to tutor for a minimum of one year. We don't expect you to meet once a week without fail for 52 weeks--life happens, and everybody has things come up. However, working one-on-one takes trust and understanding, which take time to develop. For someone learning to read, having to switch tutors often can be discouraging, even overwhelming. Adult learners need a partner who is willing to stick with them.
  • Devote 1 or more hours per week to tutoring. We will match you with a student who can meet at the same general time and place as you, and then allow the two of you to work out the details. Pairs usually meet at a library, but other public places are always an option. Our goal is for you and your student to be comfortable.
  • Be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or GED recipient.
  • Read and write at an 8th grade level.
  • Pass a criminal history background check.


After-School Homework Club Coach
Multiple Locations

Homework Coaches provide support and assistance to children in grades 3-8 who need a little extra help with their homework assignments. These activities will take place at the library’s After-School Homework Club sites.

Participating children will be assisted one-to-one or in small groups. Homework Coaches will provide clarity, direction and understanding of the child’s homework assignments. They will also promote appropriate library resources and materials.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, well-organized, and a team player who can communicate effectively with children, parents, and Library personnel.
  • They must be self-directed, culturally-sensitive, computer and Internet literate, and able to write clearly and concisely.
  • They must have a knowledge of basic school subjects including reading, English, writing, science and mathematics.


Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute sessions for each student, Monday -Thursday,

Various schedules are available at the following library locations:

  • Brookside Library - 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Broken Arrow Library - 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Kendall-Whittier Library - 3:30 p.n. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Martin Regional Library - 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
  • Maxwell Park Library - 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Maker Space Volunteer
Central Library

Are you a creative person that enjoys sharing that knowledge with others? Do you enjoy working with your hands, as well as your mind? Then the Renee F. Neuwald Maker Space at Central could be what you're looking for!

As a volunteer of the Maker Space, you'll be providing general guidance and encouraging other customers with their projects, learn how to use the various equipment and software provided within the Maker Space, and collaborate with staff in how to better serve the people of Tulsa County in regards to making. 

Although helpful, no previous experience necessary in a similar environment is needed, but enthusiasm, cooperation and a willingness to learn are required. 


  • Genuine enthusiasm for making and 'maker' philosophy
  • Willingness to learn and try out new things
  • Ability to effectively communicate and engage with all member of the community
  • Formal or informal background in technology, art, science, design, or any other related skills are desired (but not required)
  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Minimum age: 16


  • Provide general assistance to customers in the Maker Space
  • Observe that customers are following proper equipment operation and adhering to Tulsa City-County Library Maker Space Policy while using the space
  • Educate oneself with equipment provided in the Maker Space through hands-on experimentation and staff instruction
  • Keep the Maker Space clean and organized
  • Inform Maker Space Assistant or library staff stationed within the Maker Space of any concerns or issues encountered relating to equipment, staff, or general interactions with library customers
  • Offer specific instruction or workshops in areas of expertise (optional)


  • Learn new skills and meet new people
  • Earn community service hours for school, college, or your resume 
  • Access to use the Maker Space for your own personal projects
  • The knowledge that your involvement has helped provide a positive environment for others and encourages them to further develop their creative goals


  • Although part of the Maker Space, our Audio Lab does not take volunteers at this time


PAWS for Reading Volunteer (ATD Registered)
Multiple Locations

PAWS for Reading promotes reading and communication skills by allowing children to read aloud to a registered therapy dog. Each child gets a special time to read and interact with one of these furry friends. 

Tulsa City-County Library is seeking volunteers with Association of Therapy Dog registered dogs to serve at locations throughout Tulsa County.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Pass criminal background check
  • ATD registered dog
  • Provide a copy of dog's ATD card and vaccination record



Teen Team Volunteer
Multiple Locations

TEEN TEAM volunteers assist librarians with Tulsa City-County Library activities during the annual library Summer Reading Program and get hands-on job experience. 2019 Teen Team applications will be available in the spring. 

Applicants should be:

♦ 13-15 years old

♦ Able to work for several hours a week this summer at a Tulsa City-County Library.

♦ Interested in gaining job experience, helping your local library, working with children and having fun!

♦ Willing to complete an application, interview for the position, and complete a training session

Contact Youth Services for more information on becoming a Teen Team volunteer at (918) 549-7490.

Special Events Volunteer
Multiple Locations

Volunteers are needed to assist with Library events throughout the year at events like TCCL's Asian American Festival and Chapters


  • Age 16 or over
  • Comfortable standing and walking
  • Ability to greet guests and assist with questions


Special Mailing Volunteer
Multiple Locations

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to assist with special mailings.


  • Ability to sit and stand
  • Attention to detail 


Seed Library Volunteer
Multiple Locations

The Tulsa City-County Library’s Seed Library is looking for volunteers to help process seeds.

Wait—the library checks out seeds?

Yesyou can check out heirloom garden seeds on your library card! We encourage you to save seeds produced by some of your best plants and share those back (but there’s no penalty if that doesn’t work out).  The Seed Library increases access to healthy food, fosters biodiversity, and shares the stories of our community’s diverse growing traditions.

But I don’t know anything about gardening.

That’s fine! All we need volunteers to do is measure out seeds into plastic baggies—no green thumb required.

How long? Where? When?

We will do two-hour sessions once a week to get the spring seeds ready, followed by two hours once a month. We will meet at the Support Services Center. (preferably Monday or Tuesday afternoon but that's flexible.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Requirements

  • The Library accepts volunteers ages 16 or older who are able to make a 3 month or 40 hour commitment.
  • Volunteer applicants ages 18 and over must successfully pass a background check provided by the library.
  • Court ordered volunteer work cannot be completed at the library.

What is the volunteer application process?

  1. Applicants must first fill out an application by clicking here.
  2. Applicants with completed applications will be invited to complete a phone interview with the Volunteer Services Office.
  3. If applicable, an applicant will be asked to complete a criminal background check provided by the Library.
  4. Once the application, screening and background check have been completed, the applicant will meet with the branch or department supervisor in person to review duties, expectations and scheduling. 

Some volunteer positions may require additional steps in the application process, such as in-person interviews, portfolio review, additional training, or orientation.

Can I complete service hours for school at the Library?

Yes. Many of our volunteers are high school and college students that are volunteering to meet school and educational award/scholarship requirements. With few exceptions, we ask that volunteers commit to at least 3 months or 40 hours of volunteer service with the Library.

We encourage students to apply to volunteer at the beginning of the semester. We may not able to accommodate requests for last minute volunteer hours.  


How do I earn the President's Volunteer Service Award?

Tulsa City-County Library is proud to be a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. 

Established in 2003, the President's Volunteer Service Award is a nationally recognized award that honors the importance of our nation's volunteers whose service is multiplied through the inspiration they give others. Along with the ultimate honor of presidential recognition, recipients will receive a personalized certificate, an official pin, medallion or coin and a congratulatory letter from the president of the United States. 

Volunteers ages 13 and up are eligible to receive this honor when they serve a minimum number of hours in a calendar year.

Awards are issued as follows:

Teens (13–15)

  • 50 – 74 Hours- Bronze Award
  • 75 – 99 Hours - Silver Award
  • 100 + Hours - Gold Award

Young Adults (16-25)

  • 100 – 174 Hours - Bronze Award
  • 175 – 249 Hours - Silver Award
  • 250 + Hours - Gold Award

Adults (26 and older)

  • 100 – 249 Hours - Bronze Award
  • 250 – 499 Hours - Silver Award
  • 500+ Hours - Gold Award

Families and Groups*

  • 200 – 499 Hours - Bronze Award
  • 500 – 999 Hours - Silver Award
  • 1,000+ Hours - Gold Award

(Families and groups wishing to earn the PVSA should contact the Volunteer Services Office for more information: volunteers@tulsalibrary.org)

President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more hours in their lifetime


The presentation of awards will coincide with Volunteer Appreciation Week in April. Recipients will be notified by postal mail of their award.

Can I complete court ordered service hours at the Library?

No. You may not complete court ordered service hours at Tulsa City-County Library. This includes any hours needed to meet a court issued or legal requirement. 

Can I volunteer at a specific library?

You can indicate your library preference when you fill out the online application.

We will do our best to place you in one of your preferred locations, however volunteer vacancies are different for each location and fluctuate throughout the year. 

Can I read to kids?

No. Library staff are responsible for conducting programs at the library, which includes story time. 

If you wish to volunteer with children grades 3-8, check out our After School Homework Coach position in the descriptions above.

Can my dog join PAWS for Reading?

All PAWS for Reading volunteers and dogs are required to complete the application process. Dogs must be registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). You can read more about this volunteer position in the description above.

PAWS for Reading is only open to dogs at this time.

Can my 10 year old child volunteer at the library?

Tulsa City-County Library volunteers must be 16 years of age to volunteer in most library branches and departments. 

Young teens, ages 13-15, may apply for Teen Team in the spring. We recommend this as a first volunteer opportunity for youth interested in the library. You can click here for more information about Teen Team. 

Will volunteering get me a job at the Library?

Volunteering at the library does not guarantee employment by Tulsa City-County Library. You are encouraged to include your volunteer experience on applications and resumes. 

Do volunteers have a set schedule?

Each branch and department has different schedule requirements for their volunteers. We encourage volunteers to commit to a consistent schedule under the guidance of their program's supervisor.