Authors Who Have Previously Visited the AARC  

Author Susan L. Taylor
AARC coordinator Alicia Latimer, author Susan L. Taylor, Dr. Gary Shaffer and Keith Jemison
Authors Kevin Knotts and Kim Wayans
authors Kevin Knotts and Kim Wayans with Alicia Latimer
Group of 4 people together
Laurie Sundborg, Alicia Latimer, Anita Hill and Keith Jemison
Group of 3 people
Keith Jemison, comedian Darryl Littleton and Alicia Latimer
Two men shaking hands with a woman in the background
Dr. John Hope Franklin, Alicia Latimer and Donald Thompson
3 women together
author Donna Hill, Alicia Latimer and author Gloria Mallette
3 people standing together
Jeff Kos, Dr. Gerald Early and Alicia Latimer
Two women standing together smiling
Alicia Latimer and author Nikki Giovanni
4 people standing together, one holding the Sankofa Award
Keith Jemison, Alicia Latimer, author and actor Hill Harper, Dr. Gary Shaffer