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"One of the world’s 7,000 distinct languages disappears every 14 days, an extinction rate exceeding that of birds, mammals or plants."

Los Angeles Times, 2007


Kiowa Language Class

The Kiowa Tribe's Tulsa Kiowa Language and Cultural Preservation Class meets at the Zarrow Regional Library on a weekly basis during the school year. Everyone is invited to attend.

Kiowa Outreach

The Kiowa Tribe's Tulsa Kiowa Language and Cultural Preservation Class holds quarterly Outreach programming at the Zarrow Regional Library. Everyone is invited to attend.

Shawnee Language

The Shawnee Tribe's Language Department holds weekly classes at the Zarrow Regional Library.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Language Packet
Language Curriculum Packets

Purpose and Guidelines

Language Curriculum (LCP) is to expose language learners to basic words of the selected native language. This packet consists of two sets of lesson worksheets, a translation sheet, and a translation CD* and was designed for the Early Childhood learner.

You are welcome to copy the Native Language Resource Supplement with the TCCL tagline left intact.

Each Packet Contains

  • A translation sheet presents the pronunciations used for the worksheets.The translation sheet provides simple explanations of how sounds are to be used in the language and is designed to foster learning.
  • Lesson worksheets. The suggested content areas to use the worksheets include: math, language, spelling, and writing. The worksheets contain numerals 0 to 10, tracing/writing lines, lifelike illustrations, a descriptive sentence in the selected language, a descriptive sentence in the English language, and blank writing line.
  • Each packet also contains a translation CD. The participating tribes have included their translations in order to speak the language in the classroom.
    • *Please call the American Indian Resource Center about acquiring the accompanying CD's, 918-549-7472.

We hope you find this packet a great starting point to introducing your students to Oklahoma’s native languages.

Download and Print Packets

Click to download either the Euchee Language Packet PDF, the Sauk Language Packet PDF or the General Packet Information PDF.