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American Indian Laws & Treaties

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Treaties with the Five Civilized Tribes

The following links go directly to the portion of Kappler's for treaties with the Five Civilized Tribes.

Tribal Jurisdictions in Oklahoma


The following are links to the portions of Kappler's collection. These are the treaties with the Five Civilized Tribes that recognize the abolition of slavery and the rights of the Freedmen.

Tribal Constitutions and Codes

Some material are available through the Tulsa City County Library. For Tribal Constitutions, Codes, and other legal documents, go to the Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project web site.

Other Resources on the Web

  • List of Federally Recognized Indian Entities (pdf)

    Current list of 564 tribal entities recognized and eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs by virtue of their status as Indian tribes.

  • Indian Claims Commission

    he Indian Claims Commission was a judicial panel for relations between the U.S. Government and Native American tribes. It was established in 1946 by the U.S. Congress to hear claims of Indian tribes against the United States.

  • Office of Tribal Justice

    The Office of Tribal Justice is the primary point of contact for the Department of Justice with federally recognized Native American tribes, and advises the Department on legal and policy matters pertaining to Native Americans.

  • National Indian Law Library

    The National Indian Law Library (NILL) is a public law library devoted to federal Indian and tribal law.

  • American Indian Law Review

    First produced in 1973, the American Indian Law Review is published biannually by the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Sharp v. Murphy

Sharp v. Murphy (previously known as Carpenter v. Murphy and Royal v. Murphy) is a pending case before the Supreme Court of the United States. It raises the question of whether Congress disestablished the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reservation, or whether the 1866 territorial boundaries of the Creek Nation within the former Indian Territory of eastern Oklahoma constitute an “Indian reservation” today under 18 U.S.C. § 1151(a).

Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Blog Sharp v. Murphy

SCOTUSblog is devoted to covering the U.S. Supreme Court comprehensively, without bias and according to the highest journalistic and legal ethical standards.

Supreme Court Docket 17-1107

Original docket of Tommy Sharp, Interim Warden Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Petitioner v. Patrick Dwayne Murphy

Life, tribal sovereignty at forefront of Oklahoma case before U.S. Supreme Court
Tulsa World 11/27/2018

Oklahoma shifting position in Creek Nation reservation case, prison inmate says
Oklahoman 4/14/2020