The Local Publications Index provides a searchable online index to older Tulsa area publications housed at the Central Library. The publications are not available for check out nor can they be sent to a branch library, but photocopies can be made and routed to a customer's branch library. The Local Publication Index includes older publications from the Tulsa and Oklahoma area that are no longer published and only issues that are available at the library. The articles and photographs in these publications cover a wide range of subjects, including Armon H. Bost, the Junior Baseball League, Union Depot, Hyechka Club, the Park-O-Meter, and W. G. Skelly. The following publications have been entered into the database: The American Indian Gusher Magazine Tulsa Tulsa Home & Garden Tulsa School Review Tulsa Spirit We are in the process of adding these publications: Civigraphs Harlow’s Weekly Miss Holland Hall Oklahoma Home Garden Oklahoma Roundup Tulsa Tulsa Downtowner Tulsa Magazine Tulsalite For any questions regarding the Local Publications Index or to obtain copies of the articles, please contact the library at 918.549.7323 or via email at rcaskus at tulsalibrary dot org. For access to other Oklahoma publication archives, visit The Oklahoma Periodicals Index or the Oklahoma Today Online Archive.
Subject Sort descending Date Publication Image Page Page Number
"50th Anniversary of Glenn Pool" Program Tulsa Spirit 4
"Alaska" Public Affairs Forum Tulsa Spirit 4
"And in 1975" Forum Tulsa Spirit 4
"Boy with Flute" by Nancy Swindler Tulsa Home & Garden 21
"Cavalleria Rusticana" Tulsa Spirit 8 8, 19
"Christmas Flower" by Dottie Carter Tulsa Home & Garden 21
"Explaining Your Business" seminar Tulsa Spirit 1
"Flying Squadron" Tulsa Spirit 15 15
"Follow-Up" Industry Calls in Progress Tulsa Spirit 4
"For a Better Tulsa" program Tulsa Spirit 1
"Get a Convention For Tulsa" campaign Tulsa Spirit 4
"get out the vote" bond campiagn Tulsa Spirit 1
"get out the vote" campaign Tulsa Spirit 1
"Glass House" Restaurant Opening Tulsa Spirit 4
"Hometown Opener Family Party" Attendance Tulsa Spirit 4
"I Pagliacci" opera Tulsa Spirit 7 7, 17
"I Pledge to Vote" buttons Tulsa Spirit 3
"Let"s Go to Town" radio program Tulsa Spirit 7, 14
"Lets go Fishin" Forum Tulsa Spirit 4
"Lucky Folder" Campaign Tulsa Spirit 4
"Made in Tulsa" Show Tulsa Spirit 17, 22
"Magic Barrel" presentation of petro-chemical products Tulsa Spirit 2
"Manufacturers Day" Program Tulsa Spirit 4
"Manufacturers News Bulletin" Tulsa Spirit 3
"Markets of America" article about Tulsa Tulsa Spirit 3
"Mignon" opera Tulsa Spirit 6 6, 12, 15
"Military Affairs Day" Forum Tulsa Spirit 4
"Most Useful Citizen" Tulsa Spirit 14
"October Fiesta" by Beverly Green Tulsa Home & Garden 21
"Oil Men and Women for a Day" Luncheon Tulsa Spirit 2
"Oil Men, Women for a Day" Event Tulsa Spirit 1
"Oklahoma!" Premiere Tickets Tulsa Spirit 4
"Oklahoma!" Publicity Group in New York Tulsa Spirit 3
"Pride in Oklahoma" Tulsa School Review 8
"Republican Day Forum" Tulsa Spirit 4
"Ride-The-Bus" Campaign Support Tulsa Spirit 4
"Ride-the-Bus" Drive Support Tulsa Spirit 1
"Salesmen of the Year" Awards Tulsa Spirit 3
"Salute to Tulsa" radio program Tulsa Spirit 4
"Shot from the Skies" Tulsa Spirit 7
"Shot From the Sky"--Army Air Forces exhibit Tulsa Spirit 12
"Shot From the Sky"--Army Air Forces exhibit Tulsa Spirit 12
"SPCA Day" Forum Tulsa Spirit 1
"Still Life" by Pat Malone Tulsa Home & Garden 21
"Stop and Shop" Program Tulsa Spirit 4
"Stop, Shop" Phase of Bus Campaign Tulsa Spirit 4
"survival Under Atomic Attack" booklet Tulsa Spirit 3
"Take Me Back to Tulsa" bomber plane Tulsa Spirit 5 5, 7
"Thank You Mr. Land and Mr. Knapp" Event Tulsa Spirit 3
"The Tulsa Spirit" radio program on KTUL Tulsa Spirit 6