Learn About Real Lives!

Dragons and magicians, flying carpets and talking animals - these imaginative elements all have a place in a child's reading diet. But sometimes kids just want to know about REAL people who used hard work and determination (not magical feathers) to achieve real-life accomplishments.

When your children or students get the "Who was Thomas Edison?" or "What was J.K. Rowling like when she was my age?" bug, explore the library's Biography In Context database.

You can search for a specific person or browse popular categories, such as Artists, World Explorers, African Americans, and Scientists. For each famous person, you'll find "Facts at a Glance" as well as pictures and links to articles, short biographies, and in some cases, video and audio links.

Here are some random but fascinating real-life facts I found through Biography In Context. Did you know...

  • Queen Liliukalani of Hawaii was a musician who in 1878 composed "Aloha Oe" (Farewell to Thee), one of our country's best-loved songs?
  • Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland?
  • Coretta Scott King was a student teacher in Yellow Springs, Ohio?

Find the Biography In Context database by going to www.tulsalibrary.org, select Research and then Databases. If you are not at a library computer, you will need to enter your name and library card number.

Happy researching real lives!

Coretta Scott King