2019 Books To Treasure library card

A library card is the ticket to literally all of the knowledge and stories in the world. (No boast, just the truth!)

Every year since 2003, all second graders in Tulsa and Tulsa County have had the opportunity to get their very own library card decorated with the artwork of a celebrated illustrator. As part of the Books To Treasure program, funded from the beginning by the Zarrow Foundation, every second grader can apply for their own library card, while also receiving a copy of the book the artwork is from, AND see the illustrator in person at a public presentation.

This year, the illustrator is the incredibly talented Christian Robinson, the book is "Gaston", and the library card features the title character, sitting on a comfy chair with a book.

I can't get this card. You probably can't get this card (unless you are a precocious second grader reading this). It's exclusively for current second graders, which makes it pretty special!

How to get the card and book? Our children's librarians and library staff have been visiting schools to pass out books, pick up library card applications, and return with library cards, but if your second grade child has somehow missed this opportunity, you can go to any of our 24 library locations and request a card and book.