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Kids Read Wild Wild West

Gems from the American Indian Resource Center

American Indian Resource Center

The Wild, Wild West was home to many American Indian tribes for thousands of years before pioneers started to travel into it. Learn more about this rich history through the Tulsa City-County Library's American Indian Resource Center (AIRC). Housed at the Zarrow Regional Library, the AIRC includes books, programs, language learning, and excellent online resources. Learn more here:

Dress Up and Decorate These Wild, Wild West Paper Dolls!

Learn more about some of the American Indian tribes in the Wild Wild West by dressing up and decorating these fun paper dolls!

Learn the Cherokee Language!

Do you want to learn the Cherokee language? Use the Mango Language app for free!

First Chapter Read-Aloud: Wild, Wild West!

"Away West" by Pat McKissack

Enjoy Ms. Cindy's first chapter read-aloud of Away West by Pat McKissack.

Description: In 1879, thirteen-year-old Everett Turner leaves a life of struggle on his family's farm and runs away to St. Louis, where he works in a livery stable before heading to the all-Black town of Nicodemus, Kansas.

Away West

Reading Lists!

Kids Read Curious Detective: Wild, Wild West

You want to learn about "the wild west," but where do you start? Are you a "just the facts" Curious Detective reader? This list is for you!

Kids Read Connector: Wild, Wild West

If your favorite books follow realistic characters and stories, you are a Connector, and this list connects Connectors and westward expansion and other "wild, wild west" life!

Kids Read Magic, Dragons, and Swords: Wild, Wild West

This list of books is perfect for the kid that loves to read about “times of olde,” fantasy, and adventure beyond our world, and is interested in the wild west.,_dragons,_and_swords

Kids Read Class Clown: Wild, Wild West

This list of books is perfect for the kid that loves to laugh and is interested in the wild west.

Kids Read Adventure Time: Wild, Wild West

This list is perfect for the kid that loves adventure, learning about far off places and is interested in the wild west.

Kids Read Serial Reader: Wild, Wild West

If you enjoy learning more about characters and how they change over time then you will enjoy these engaging serial reads. This list of books is perfect for the kid that loves to read series and are interested in the wild west.

Take a Wild, Wild West Field Oklahoma!

Travel on Our Oklahoma Roads

Learn more about the Wild Wild West...right in your back yard!

Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum For more information on tours, visit


Gilcrease Museum:

Oklahoma Cowboy Museum:

Extra! Extra! Wild, Wild West Rabbit Trails

African-American Pioneers

Buffalo Soldiers

Cathay Williams (AKA William Cathay) others featured in this book as well:

York (from Lewis & Clark Expedition)

Black Cowboys