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Resume & Cover Letters

Great Books on Resumes

The library has a lot of materials to help build you build an effective resume and cover letter. Check out these popular titles or explore more @ Catalog Search: Resumes.

Online Resume Guides

Need more assistance with your resume?  Check out these online sources.

Things to Consider

When Developing a Resume...

  • Tweak the resume (and cover letter) every time you send it out.
  • Relate your skills to the job qualifications of that specific job.
  • Keep the resume to a page if possible, and keep it an easy read by using bullets and bolding.
  • Be honest, and identify your skill level accurately.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you do not need to go back beyond ten years of work experience.

Resumes with Microsoft Word

Below are instructions for creating resumes in Microsoft Word 2016

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on Blank Document.
  3. Or, search by the keyword Resume to locate templates.  Select a resume template by clicking on it then click on Create.
  4. Information that should be changed is enclosed in brackets. Click the bracket to select the area to replace, such as [Objective]. Type your specific information, such as “I would like to secure a position in the medical field.”
  5. To add more than one entry of any category, such as Work Experience, highlight the bracket portion you want repeated and copy and paste it as many times as you would like before changing the information
  6. Click on Print to get an idea of how your resume will look when printed.

Saving Your Resumes

Since you'll want to be able to make changes to your resume you'll need to save it to a flash drive before exiting.  Below are the instructions for saving to a flash drive in Windows 10.

  1. Insert the flash drive into a USB port.
  2. Click on File and then click Save As.
  3. Click Browse to locate the flash drive.  
  4. Locate the flash drive (usually drive D:) and highlight it.  
  5. In the File name box, type a name for the document.
  6. Click Save.

Emailing Your Resume

Below are generic instructions for creating attachments.

  • On your email composing screen click the paperclip image to Attach a file.
  •  In the window that opens, select Computer to locate the flash drive and double click.
  • Click the name of the document you wish to attach, then click Open.
  • The box should close and the attachment process will begin.  Depending our your email company you may have to click Attach again to begin the process.
  • Once the upload is completed you will be returned to the composing screen and you will see the file name or image at the bottom.
  • Repeat these steps to attach more files.
  • You are now ready to send your email with an attachment.