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Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (Only at Central)
Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (GTIO), Foundation Center’s database for students, artists, researchers, and other individual grantseekers, with profiles on nearly 10,000 grantmakers and details on scholarships, fellowships, and other grants available to individuals. 

Topic Guides

Grants for Artists, Writers, Musicians, & Filmmakers

State & Local Resources

National Resources

  • Americans for the Arts 
    An information clearinghouse that provides material on funding for individuals in all areas of the arts.
  • Independent Television Service 
    Funds proposals by independent producers and provides production, promotion, marketing and distribution support.
  • National Endowment for the Arts 
    An independent federal agency that offers project grants and limited individual grants. 
  • PEN America 
    PEN’s programs promote writing and literature at every level and are founded on the belief that free expression is an essential component of every healthy society.

Grants for Researchers

The following organizations offer funding for individual researchers:

  • National Endowment for the Humanities 
    An independent federal agency that supports research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities.
  • National Institutes of Health 
    The National Institutes of Health offers loan repayment programs in addition to research grants for individuals.
  • National Science Foundation
    The National Science Foundation offers federal funding for research projects in the fields of science and engineering.
  • Social Science Research Council 
    An independent, not-for-profit research organization founded in 1923 that mobilizes researchers, policy makers, professionals, activists, and other experts from the private and public sectors to develop innovative approaches to issues of critical social importance.

Funding for Living & Medical Expenses

Are there grants available to help with living, medical, or other personal expenses?

Grants are a special type of funding awarded by charitable foundations or government agencies to nonprofit organizations or individuals working on projects designed to have far-reaching social, scientific, or artistic benefit. While there are some grants available to assist with educational expenses, most grants are reserved for projects that will benefit many people, rather than a single individual.  

Assistance for personal expenses, such general living and medical expenses is available through charitable organizations and some federal agencies. This type of funding is given as charitable assistance, and not through individual grants. For more about the difference between charitable assistance and individual grants, please see the following Candid Learning articles:

Where can I find help with living, medical, or other personal expenses in Tulsa?

There are multiple charitable organizations in Tulsa that offer assistance with personal expenses. Tulsa City-County Library's Tulsa Organizations and Services (TOS) database is an ideal tool for locating charitable organizations that may be able to assist with personal expenses. Customers should contact each charity directly to learn more about its qualifications and requirements for financial assistance.

For assistance using the Tulsa Organizations and Services (TOS) database, contact the Research Center at 918-549-7323.

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